Hey, guys! I’m verdaccio, back here to share some deck guide with you. This is going to be a sharing discussion, guys. This time I’m going to share my full of bomb deck with all epic cards including the Giant Skeleton. Well, without any further ado, let’s go to…


The deck


Average Elixir Cost: 4.1


See, it’s all epic! The deck up above is the deck I have counted on for hundreds of games. I encourage you to try to play this deck. So, try it guys!!



The cards

Giant Skeleton

The big bone is going to be the leading actor in your stage. Also, you will always have to direct him to the enemy’s hearts for it to explode the bomb.


The Executioner

This guy is work for you as a defensive yet, counterattack force. You can mix it up with the tornado when facing a massive attack from the enemy. Furthermore, in counter-attacking, you have to let some tanky troops in front of him so that he can deliver some more damage.



She is just a main supporting character here. She can support either your Giant Skeleton or Balloon in attacking the enemy’s base. Hence, in defending your base, you can make use of her to go up against some high damage dealer like P.E.K.K.A, Sparky, etc.



As a result, from those roles up above the balloon works as the destroyer. Since it won’t always go as your plan for the Giant Skeleton to arrive at the enemy’s tower, you can make use the Balloon with some rangers behind to support it. Also, if you find your opponent can overcome your Giant Skeleton, you can change the leading actor from the big bone to this flying device.


Baby Dragon

Another, the Baby dragon has the primary job as a swarm army wiper. Every splash damage it delivers can be a great help in clearing the way of both the Balloon and Giant Skeleton. Also, not only it can play the role of the support card but also can be useful in defending the base.



Cloning is the most important instrument for the actors to use. The Giant Skeleton and the Balloon will drop their big bombs upon death. That is the reason why you must use the Clone card before just right in time to get the free explosion bomb from both troops.



A candy crafting, it’s just for the Executioner to go in the fight. Frequently, I let it still on the bench in some battles. Because of the way capability from this card is just a soulmate for any splash damage dealer.



Not so different with the one before it. Rage is aimed to help either your Balloon or Giant Skeleton go faster. It also can be used when you decide to go with your full force attack.











First Minute of the Battle

At the beginning of the game, you have to rely on your patience. You have to play defensively since the cost of this deck is quite expensive. However, if you find yourself in elixir advantage, you can start attacking with some low-mid push.  You can initiate the game by waiting what the enemy will deploy. Also, you can use your Balloon alongside the Executioner/Witch to give some little pushes. Never go so hasty and deploy more than two troops. You have to place your Elixir in the bank for preparing the enemy’s counter.


Witch to watch the Giant Skely’s back with the children


From 2 Minutes

Mid game, this is the time for you to prepare your massive attack. But before you get the chance, you have to hold, wait for the right moment. Don’t deploy just yet, the main combo of the two bombs since it will put you in disadvantage in the last minute of the game. Just defend your base from the enemy’s attack with everything you can do. If you want to give some pushing, just use two cards like at the beginning of the game. Be wary of any bait guys! You will find some cunning enemy baiting your expensive deck to go in mid game.



Bombs’re ready..


Last Minute – Sudden Death

You have gathered all the power and now is the right time to use it. Keep in mind that your main combo in attacking is the Giant Skeleton and the Balloon. The Giant Balloon have to enter the enemy’s area together. Since that’s the intention, you can deploy the big bone first and when it just about to touch the opponent’s area, use the Balloon with the rest of the cards to support them. I guarantee you will deliver such a massive attack.  In your late game, you can be hasty in deployment, the cycling card will be fast, and it is not impossible you will have 2 Giant Skeleton walking around in the arena.



Thunder, feel the thunder Lightning then the thunder

That’s it, guys! That is some experience from me. If you have some awesome deck to share just fill in the comment, let me know! See yaa!