What’s up champs! We are back to something awesome today. Welcome! Welcome! The kingdom wants to give some interesting giant combination. For those of you who like this kind of style, it’s your lucky day.


This card is the most famous card in the entire game, especially those who like to use rangers as their attacking style. They usually deploy a giant in front of the troops and let him take all the damage while the armies can free hitting anything close. Also, they sometimes use giant as their defending to kite the enemy’s damage dealer. And also! We better start then…

Here we’re going to show how this card works with some tricky tricks.


With Rangers Behind

How to use:

First, you have to consider your elixir whenever you want to start attacking. You can either deploy your giant first or the rangers first. However, if you choose to land your giant first, the enemy would see your tactics right away since Giant is and of course, you will get busted.  We’d like to recommend you to land your rangers first behind your king castle. Keep in mind the large guy costs 5 elixirs. So, you have to have always more than 5 elixirs while you deploy your rangers. When the time comes that your rangers are just about close enough to the bridge, you use your giant (Make sure the giant is a little in front of the rangers). This way, your rangers would effectively kill anything in the path of your giant.



How to counter:

When the storm is about to arrive, you might want to consider using your spell like the fireball to wipe the rangers first. Or! you can use Valkyrie and barbarians to distract and even kill every ranger, just make sure you land it just right behind the tank. Never rush in and deploy troops to kill the tank first, never. Some player deploys their skeleton army or minion horde sent to strike the tank and forget about the rangers behind who can kill them while they hit the giant. 


With Hog / Prince

How to use:

This one is quite a high instantly cost but, the most effective in destroying the tower. It requires 9 to 10 elixirs in total. You might want to burst your enemy with this combo, right away. Right after the giant is taking damage, deploy your hog/prince to run down to the enemy’s tower. You can also make a fool out of your enemy by using your prince on the other line. Thus, you can get them pour their elixir to stop your giant while you can attack another tower on the other side.



How to counter:

You can deploy your numbered troops like skeleton army, minion horde, goblins & mini P.E.K.K.A. They are effective to kill both hog and giant. But, sometimes they can make you a fool by deploying the prince on the other line. You might want to wait after the giant’s landed, what your enemy is going to do with it. Because no player would deploy a giant with no reason.


With Sparky

How to use:

The one combo that requires you to have a legendary card, Sparky. This combo is just a mind-blowing. Sparky is one of the highest damage dealers it can take one one-shot any troops your enemy put in front of it. And! The thing is that it got covered with the giant. Not only it’s hard to deal with it’s but also make us make hard choices and wasting elixirs at the same time. 

You can either land the sparky or giant first. But, it needs to be landed closer to your tower to give your elixir to regent first. When it’s about to walk on the bridge and cross, always make sure the sparky is behind the giant. With the damage, sparky can strike a high amount of health of your enemy’s troops even tower without a scratch cause the giant babysitting it.



How to counter:

Since Sparky is charging whenever it targets something. You can use this to your advantage by deploying some cheap troops such as skeletons & goblins. Right after you put your distraction, you can land your damage dealer like P.E.K.K.A to kill it. Make sure that your troops can do the job truly because one mistake can get you drowned in the laser beam.


With graveyard

How to use:

A required legendary card again, this one is just as effective as the other combo. This one is good for those defensive players. Because they land the giant close to the king tower, walking slowly approaching enemy’s area preparing their elixirs for the graveyard and their defense. After the giant is taking damage from the enemy’s tower, they put the graveyard just right to help the giant make a ruin out of the tower. And! while doing it, they’ll still get some elixir left for their defense.



How to counter:

First, you might want to use you air troops to deal with this one. If you don’t have it on your deck, you can use a splash damage ranger like bomber & Valkyrie so, even though they’ll keep coming your bomber or valkyrie will kill em.

That‘s some giant combo you can try to use in battle. Well, if you have some other idea what to do with the giant you leave a comment. Thanks, guys! Happy clashing and have a good day.


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