And howdie yowdie! What’s up, everyone? Everyone is having a great day? I really hope so. It is better to smile whatever happens mate.


Okay, I think that’s a good intro for this beginning of today’s series of Kingdom’s file.

Yap, today the Kingdom’s file series continue. For you guys that haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is maybe one of the most iconic cards in the Clash Royale game and I think he will need no introduction because you guys have already known the card maybe better than me.  And the card is called Giant!


Not the Giant from Doraemon series mate. The Giant from clash royale is one of the first cards that you will meet as soon as you start playing the clash royale.

You can even find him and unlock him in the training camp. The card itself is categorized as a rare troop card where you will need 5 of your elixir to deploy the card on the battlefield.


By taking a look at his appearance, as what he is called, a Giant then he is exactly a Giant in the arena. He has a funny face anyway, he is looked always smile which is cute for me.

He has those big arms, slightly too fat and the orange hairs. From the appearance, I think he is one of my favs.

The Walking Big 

As maybe you guys have known from the beginning, the Giant is a tank card but the cheap one with only the 5 elixir.

As a tank card then the Giant main ability is to march on to your enemy’s territory trying to destroy every building in front of him.

The Giant himself is only targeting a building that is why his main orientation is to destroy your enemy’s troops. If he is not getting obstacles in his way, he can destroy a tower easily all by himself since he has a very high damage in one of his punch. That’s how dangerous he is.

As a tank card then the Giant would be great to be accompanied from your other cards. One of them is the Valkyrie. To combo him with her will be efficient since she would cover him from the swarm army that most likely deployed by your enemy.


The man and the girl

The other is to use him with the Prince form his back. This is unique since the prince can fasten his speed by the charge of the prince. The damage of the combo is devastating as both of them would take down a tower easily.


The charge of the Prince make the big uncle faster

Another great combo and creating a very much devastating effect is to combo the giant with a balloon. I have tried this one and it is just great even though they are expensive but it is worth to try.  

This combination creates the double damage from the ground and the air and it can create the confusion to your enemy to defend against this combo.


The ground and air combo

This is not mentioning that the Giant would do good if he is given the rage effect of your rage card to fasten his speed to reach the nearest tower.

But remember the Giant would be very vulnerable to every swarm armies. The skeleton armies would easily kill him as he can’t handle attacks from many.

The other tank like the P.E.K.K.A or her little brother the mini one would create instability to the Giant.

As he can do nothing against the air troops then he would be easily dismissed by the air troops like the Minion Horde.

Also, since he only targeting the building then once your enemy deploys a building card then the Giant would be easily distracted and attack the building first and lost his focus to attacking the towers.

The Giant dismissed by the Hordes

The Giant distracted by a building


With creating the high damage and his tanky ability and 5 elixir that is quite cheap for him then, of course, the card offers many advantages for the players.

The fact that he is still used up to the higher level is the proof that the Giant is great. That’s my opinion anyway.

Again, you can share all your thoughts on the card here in the Kingdom’s file. If you guys have more or better tips n tricks using the card then it would be lovely to hear them.

Feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss them mate.

Milk time for me right now, will see you next time, cheers!