Hello, people! Hi, players! On this awesome day in the kingdom, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks to make you richer than ever. No worries if you’re out of gold or broke, you can try one of these tricks to get some more, though. Basically, you can earn golds by battle, open chests, buying gems and donating your cards to your clansmen if you have a clan or in a clan.





Firstly, all battle can give you gold even when you lose you get some. Do so much battle, it can give you gold as much as experience in the game. All battle you win you can get chests as long as you still have an empty slot for chests. And! Chests can give you even more gold than battling.



Quests and Chests

Doing quests and opening chests, all kind of chests can give you gold and random cards. Try to do quests and open the reward chest whenever you can and don’t forget to keep the notification on. You can usually get and open whether gold, giant, magical, super magical or legendary chests. This way, we can always have the chance to have an extra gold.




Buying gems mean spending your money on the game. You can use your money first to buy gems and use the gems to buy the golds. Supercell sometimes gives a promo of their gems, golds or cards. You can wait for the promo cause it’s worth it.




Donating your cards which you don’t use is just a nice way to give you some gold and XP. Try to find an active clan. A clan which has active players that want to share their cards with you and request whenever they can. You can always reach the limit of your donation and request every day. Never think about having a precious card which you don’t want to give. Because, it’s not giving, it’s selling, you get gold and XP in exchange for your cards. The insane part is that you can request back your given card with the gold and XP stays in your pocket. As long as you keep requesting cards, you can always get the cards back. Still, keep in mind, having a clan means sharing guys!!

Every Sunday though, you can share your epic cards, and it gives you 500 gold. You can talk to your clansmen about which cards that you want to donate so, they’ll request that particular card. You can do it vice versa, favor for favor with your clansmen. You can also give the nerf cards, that currently don’t use in the game.



Oh yeah! On Sunday.

This trick requires you to be insanely crazy. First, think about the Sunday day, it’s 24 hours, right? And the clans in the clash royale are based on their region. You spend your Sunday move from clans to clans with different time. So, you can keep donating your epic cards and getting tons of golds before the day is over. Still confused? Here’s how it works, I did it myself every Sunday.

You have to be prepared for the Saturday, after collecting the Clan Chest, just join any clans whose region is in another time that already Sunday in their time. Or! You can do it the other way when the Sunday is almost over you can look for a clan whose region is in still on Sunday. You can check the GMT list yourself. Here’s for some lightning the wit.

For example, I’m in Asia and my region time is GMT+7 and it’s Saturday midnight. I’m looking a clan with the region which already Sunday there. So, I’ll move to Bolivian clan > Honduras clan > USA/Canadian clan > Algerian/Nigerian clan > Arabian clan > India/Bangladesh/Pakistan clan > then go back to my clan. 

I keep doing it until I reach my limit in donating and go back to my active clan in the first place. By doing this trick, you can spend your time like having 2 Sundays in a week guys! It’s just crazy! I have tested this trick myself several times and earned almost 10,000 gold in a week. You have to have this tested by yourself! Do it! Do it! I know you wanna…


You might want to find the right clan, not only it’s an active clan but also requesting the right cards you want to give away. Still, if your goal is to get gold, you would only find an active clan, of course. However, In overcoming this problem, though, you can see if the clan is active or not first, by looking if there are 10++ request inside the chat then you might want to go and join the party!!

Anyway, if you have some of your way to get more gold & make us even richer share it with us here, please! Haha… Or even crazier idea! Leave it in the comment.

Thank you, guys! Keep clashing!