Welcome to the Kingdom champs! We are back with some explanation to spill. This time for all of you who maybe just started playing Clash Royale.


Have you ever encounter with some of these game terms like Buff, Meta, Nerf, Kite or Kitting whenever you read an article?

Well, you might want to watch and learn from this one. This is the guide for you to understand more about the game terms.   



Buff means that a particular character has just got a beneficial boost to the performance. It has some factors that influence it. Usually, the buffed character can be awesome when they combine with other characters.

Also, they sometimes have new combinations that you can try to mix it with other chars. How do we know which chars got buffed? Well, if you’re a member of a forum or follow every update of the game you’ll know.

This will put you in blessing in every battle you face because you’ll use the combination with your enemy not knowing what’s coming.



This one is not so different with buff, actually. Meta means a change that has been done to some certain cards and makes them stronger at the moment. Either it has a new updated basic stats or it just currently has a new strategy to use.

Basic stats like the damage or health, matters. Sometimes the change can include a new tactic which hasn’t been tried just yet, with it. Even a little different can make all the difference, and we call them meta.



Nerf is when you call some chars useless or worthless. The term applies to cards which are recently updated but, the update is weakening them. Some basic stats sometimes has minus frequency such as lowered health and lowered damage.

It just makes them not so effective to play. Well, for some reason that’s why you should keep your information flowing in every game which you like to play. If your favourite cards have just got nerfed, you might want to consider to make them low key before the next update to come.



When you heard this kite or kitting term then, you’re in the middle of a strategic talk. Kite is a defensive mechanism where you can make a high damage dealer end up attacking your bait instead of assaulting your objects that they aim to.

At some point, this is the best strategy so far in dealing with high damage dealer who can make your tower out of harm’s way. While the enemy’s hitting your hobbits troops, you can use the opportunity to strike back. Kite enemy troops can be a bit tricky since it’s not guaranteed your building’s safety.

Still, the kitting can be a preventer or delayer of your doom!

How about that guys! If you find it still confusing, you can leave a comment down below. Also, if you find any other weird terms, you can share it with us, and we might have some explanation for it. 

In the meantime! Enjoy! Have a wonderful day, everyone!