Furnace and Its Burned Spirits time!


Here you go again with us the Clash Royale Kingdom’s crew. We are here again to give all your needs in the game.

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Okay back to the game, for now, we will continue our own series of Kingdom’s file.

For you guys who haven’t known about the Kingdom’s file, In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is the card that I guess you maybe have known much about. So, let’s start, here is the Furnace!

Furnace Intro

Furnace is categorized as a rare card. Furnace is a spawner building card. To use and deploy it on the battlefield, you will need to spend 4 of your elixirs.



By taking a look at the building’s appearance, Furnace is looked like a stove for me, completed with the fire under it. Above the fire, there is like a very hot pan with purple liquid in it.

It is likely that the purple liquid is something it cooks to create something. The finished product of what it cooks then would turn into a couple of Fire Spirits.

I don’t even know that Fire Spirits are made of liquids. This is confusing. The card itself can be unlocked as soon as you reach the Arena 5 (Spell Valley).


Unleash the Fire Sons

Like what mentioned above, yep, Furnace will create and spawn Fire Spirits out of it. It will spawn a couple of Fire Spirits in every 10 seconds. The fire spirits itself will be ready to run to your enemy’s territory once they jump out of the building.


Unleashing the fire spirits

With its lifetime on the battlefield up until 50 seconds then it could create up to 10 fire spirits if it just stands and not distracted by any of your enemy’s troops.

Just like what they do best, the Fire Spirits created by Furnace will be efficient to dismiss all of the cheap cards in the game.

This is could be doubled if you have Mirror card and mirror Furnace then the amount of the Fire Spirits would also be doubled. This could create a good defending while at the same time, the fire sons would make their kamikaze splash damage to the enemy in front.



The mirrored Furnace could give you many advantages

This is efficient to put Furnace behind a tank of you as the Fire Spirits made by the card will help to clear the tank’s way since your enemy mostly put the cheap cards like Skeleton army to counter the tank.



Supports the Beast

Similar to the other buildings, Furnace will be effective to distract all the dangerous troops of your enemy that marching on to your tower. Dangerous cards like the Balloon or the Sparky would be distracted to attack the furnace first before your tower


Distract the Sparky


Distract the Balloon


For spending 4 of your elixirs, Furnace could offer some of the advantages and versatile to use both in defending and attacking.

As usual, you can add your opinion about the card in this Kingdom’s file whether you agree or disagree with me, mate.

Also, maybe if you have something to say or add your own tips n tricks using the card, feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss them.

It is always nice to hear some of yours, pals.

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