It’s the Funny Mirror Clone Tips & Trick time! Hey, what’s up people of the world! Back here with me the handsome uncle. Coming to you to share some tips and tricks.


And today we are going to talk about the trolling cards, the mirror and the clone. Here’s a short intro of the two cards, here we go.

First of all, the Mirror and Clone cards are cards that can make all the difference in the arena. You can always give a surprise party for your enemy, but yet again they are also funny cards to use to troll the enemy in a battle.

Mirror can duplicate troops that you want to duplicate. As for the clone, you can increase them the double!

Mirror as you get countered

When you find the enemy has a countering card for your particular card, you might want to consider to use Mirror to deal with this situation. In some circumstances, the enemy with a countering card will always wait for you to deploy the specific card before they use it to counter it.

For example: Whenever you deploy a Sparky/Inferno Dragon, the enemy will implement their Electro Wizard to go against them. As soon as your first Sparky or Inferno Dragon get countered, then mirror them for the duplication. This would overwhelm the enemy as they have no a second counter for your duplicated cards.

The most important thing to write down for the Mirror is for you to overcome a situation when your primary card in a deck is always get countered!

Mirror to distract the enemy’s focus

You can use the mirror to send the enemy your best confusing attacking. What? See a situation that requires you to act fast like in the sudden death moment.

For example, here you can attack both towers with the same card using the Goblin Barrel. The same card you use as an attacking mechanism, will entirely give the enemy such a hard time to which side they would defend.

Double throw for confusion

Clone the death damage effect card

Take a Balloon for instance. The Clone, with this spell in your deck, you can have two dropped bombs after you clone the Balloon. What we look for is the double explosion. However, what we want is not just the double explosion but to win the fight.

Well, I usually wait for the moment where my Balloon is close enough to the opponent’s tower before I clone it. As soon as this happens, a tower down? well, I bet so. 

Double Bombings

Clone the swarm army

Well, well, well… Cloning the swarm army is tempting and one of the funniest things to do. But remember, you have to care about spells like Arrows or Zap.

But if you are succeeded in baiting them, you can do this. Clone them all and create the tower massacre.


Swarmy Madness with Clone

You are going to have the funniest thing in playing Clash Royale by using these two cards. Just to troll and having fun or for a serious battle? Well, it depends on you. 


The Uncle signing out, have a wonderful day!