Fundamental Inferno Tower in 2 v 2 battle! Good day! Come back again with me JohnnyBoy. Good news for all of us! 

Today I will give you a strategy for the 2v2 battle and how Inferno Tower can be so useful to have in your deck. Sounds great huh? 

The 2v2 battle is so fun since we can play together with friend or quick match with another player.

The teamwork in 2v2 battle is highly necessary because you and your teammate should have the balance in fighting the enemy.

One of the cards that will always help you to have balance is by using an Inferno Tower on your deck.

Inferno on the deck

This tower is a building card which has a unique advantage, it has this beam fire always hot to kill all the enemies. That is why to have it in your 2 v 2 deck is an effective strategy,

First of all, If you play with a clanmate, and if you have Inferno Tower you want to bring it on your deck, it is best to let your friend know that he/she doesn’t need to bring anymore building.

However, if you play quick match, you have to look first at your mate’s deck which will be shown before the match begins.

If he/she also bring Inferno tower or any other tower, in the match later, you can let your mate deploy the building first.

When to launch?


Inferno on the centre of the defensive lane

In the battle, Inferno Tower will be fundamental to secure your lane from the marching on enemy. It could burn them all and prevent them to reach your real tower.

But like mentioned above, when your teammate also has an Inferno Toner on their deck, then you can maximize the teamwork.

Yet remember first, once your teammate launches the tower, he won’t be able to instantly deploy the high-cost Elixir troops at next launching.

So this is your role, it’s your time to deploy high HP troops and start countering back (a tank with backups are recommended).

So you can focus on making the attack, while the Inferno Tower guards your lane against enemy’s troops.

Wait and see what troop your mate deploys. Meanwhile, you better concentrate on backing up your tank by deploying any troops which can deal high damage.


Great defensive card against tanker

Why so necessary?

Inferno tower is an efficient defend and effective counter. While the Inferno Tower guard your lane, you can wheedle your enemy by directing them into the tower.

If the enemy is likely to break your defence, strengthen your defence by dropping a Tank with backups for example near the tower.

If you have the Inferno Tower on your deck, then you will be the one to have roles to defend. This would let your partner focus on attack.

At the double elixir time, keep attacking but your focus should be on your defence. If you have an unbreakable defence, you won’t lose. Instead, you could win if you really can utilise your countering. 

Calling all the enemy to attack it first


The fundamental thing of using Inferno Tower in 2 v 2 battle is to defend and create the counter-attack. The thing is you can focus on defending while letting your teammate to focus on the other thing. 

So, do you think inferno tower is important? If you have something in your mind then leave your comment or ideas down below.

See you again soon! Have a fabulous spirit in this heavenly day!