Minion Horde with Mirror? Would this work?

Good afternoon dearest readers! Hope you still excited on reading our articles. In today’s article, I’m gonna talk about the minion horde with mirror minion horde. There will be so many minion horde flying on the sky guys and it will be so fun. Although it’s a deck for trolling and pleasure purposes, it still works! Here, we will split our push and have our minion horde in both lanes.


The game strategy is pretty simple, but I will still explain it to you in case you need tactics inspirations. Before we get to the gameplay, let’s see what we have on the deck.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.3


Play This Deck

Minion Horde and Mirror Card

These are the primary cards which will you play so often. Nothing too serious here guys, our purpose is just to attack the enemy using minion horde that multiplied by the mirror. However, there are certain things you need to find out. Before launching the mirror minion horde, you need to know whether the enemy has fireball, zap, lightning, etc. to prevent the mirror minion horde get killed so quickly.

In order to find out, we better send mirror minion horde in the late game. In the early game, we can play other supports and maybe it’s okay if we send the minion horde. After you find out the enemy’s spell card, you can play the mirror minion horde to counter the enemy. It will be a good if the enemy only has one spell card because if the enemy kills your minions using the spell card, you can send the mirror minions to continue countering. Before we talk further, let’s see the other support cards.


Another important card is a bowler. This card is the only tanker that we have on the deck. I prefer bowler than any other because it can tank but it also defends the tower. This lazy big blue man can push the enemy troops away as well as reducing its HP by the scrolling stone. We need a defense tanker and it should be the bowler.


This is the part of the trick guys. We can send the miner once the minion horde gets on the enemy’s territory. The miner will tank the minion horde and so the minions will strike the tower because the enemy tower and troops will target on the miner.

When you have done the miner minion horde in one lane and the enemy kill your minions by their spell cards, you can immediately send the mirror minion horde to replace the dead minions. The mirror minion horde will probably destruct the tower because the enemy already uses their spell cards to counter the first minions.

Goblin Barrel

Next card, we have goblin barrel which can shock the enemy. The enemy will out of spell cards because they must use it to counter our minions. If so, we can freely send the goblin barrel to strike the tower and free goblin barrel can cause serious problem guys. We can set the goblin barrel, minion horde, and mirror minion horde as a bait to force the enemy deploying their spell cards.

Fireball and Zap

These two spell cards meant for defending. But if you think it’s right to launch these to support your troops then go ahead. I pick fireball to get rid of enemy’s minion horde, bats, and any other troops with low HP. And we can use zap to retarget the enemy in case they get to focus on our minions, not the tankers. We need to retarget them to strike the tanker as to make our minions last longer and keep going strike the tower. Also, if the enemy has inferno cards, you can reset the inferno from its gradual damage. Inferno gradual damage will harm the bowler or miner so badly.

Oh, keep in mind guys that you can always get rid of skeleton army or goblins with the zap if they strike the tanker. Although we have a lot of minions in the deck, we still won’t let that happen; we can’t underestimate the swarms army. Well guys, now I’m gonna give you the combo you can use.

Counter combo

Miner minion horde

This is the first combo and the primary one. To run this, we can send the minion horde first, then continue with the miner. Don’t take too long alright, because we need the miner to tank the minion horde and not vice versa. This combo is shocking because the enemy will so hard to anticipate it; miner shows up in all of sudden.

Moreover, if we run this after the enemy launches their spell card, they will be so hard to beat our minion horde. If that happens, this combo will have a big chance to get the tower.

Miner goblin barrel

Still the same as the first combo, we set the miner as a tanker. Meanwhile, goblins will quickly stab the tower and that is unexpected. You can add extra damage by launching the minion horde. But don’t launch it too long because the miner will run out HP before the minions make it to the enemy tower. If you have minions in this combo, there are goblins and miner who will tank the minions for a while.

Bowler and minion horde

Next, we have bowler and minion horde. You have the highest HP troop to tank the minion horde. The strategy is still same as the previous combo where we have a tanker and number troops behind it. Better if you send the skeleton army too because you’ll have more and more distraction. So, the enemy won’t hit the minions, which are the main strikers.


Split the mirrored minion horde like this to prevent one arrows death


– You can always use the spell to support the counter combo.

– Use the fireball to reduce HP of the troops like barbarians, dragons, etc.

Fireball counters swarm army

Fireball counters two towers

– Zap when you just face the troops like skeletons army and use it specifically to counter goblin barrel.

– Play the mirror minion horde; that’s the only purpose of this trolling deck.You can always play the counter combo for defense as well.

– Play the mirror minion horde; that’s the only purpose of this trolling deck.

– You can always play the counter combo for defense as well.


Alright, guys what do you think? I hope you enjoy this article and enjoy trolling with this deck. If you have any comments or better idea, please let me know. See you again soon in the next articles! Bye!