Freeze spell them!


Hello, again pals! Once again, I am here to cheer you up. Cheer you up? Yea kidding mate I don’t have such thing to cheer you up. Your ex can, maybe…

Okay, the lovely super handsome uncle sits here and the Clash Royale Kingdom series Kingdom’s file is here again, as usual, we will talk about a particular card.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can put yours.

For this series, the card that we will talk about is the Freeze Spell!

Freeze Spell Intro

What should we know about this spell card? Freeze spell can be found and unlocked at Arena 4 (P.E.K.K.A Playhouse). I don’t know really what the relation between P.E.K.K.A and the spell that it can be unlocked there. It doesn’t matter anyway.

If you decide to use the card in the battle, you need to spend 4 of your elixirs. A little bit higher than the usual spell card but since it categorized as an epic card then it should offer you more advantages than the others.


freeze spell-intro

By taking a look at its name, then the ability of the card is exactly like what it is called, to freeze all of your enemy troops! The freeze effect itself would last for few seconds.

Cool Them Down

Just like what has been mentioned above, Freeze spell ability is to freeze down everything that it hits.

The freeze effect could impact every troop in the arena. I mean every single troop in the game without any exception.

This ability is a very unique one in the game since its characteristics that could really help you in a battle.

Freeze would be very effective to use in defending your tower. This is effective when you are overwhelmed by your troops attack, then to use the freeze to stop them for few seconds, would prevent your tower from crushing.

One good example to defend your tower is to stop card like Balloon to reach your tower since Balloon would be so dangerous if they are able to reach the tower.

freeze spell-balloon

Freeze the dangerous Balloon

You can freeze it out for few seconds and let your towers’ arrow to dismiss the Balloon while it is being frozen.  

Not only freezing the troops, Freeze can cool down the buildings. Even you can stop your enemy’s tower arrow for a while. This will give you so much advantage if you are killing the tower so your troops would not get any obstacles in destroying it.


Freeze the tower

This is also can be effective to use with Hog Rider where you can shut down the tower and let the Hog Rider crush the tower down.


freeze spell-hog rider

Again, freezing the tower and let the punch man crush it out

Again this is work to your enemies who use like Inferno Towers to defend their area. Freeze spell effect could stop the Inferno Tower splashing the fire and make your troops crush it down.


freeze spell-inferno tower

Shut down the Inferno’s fire 

Imagine also you can do that to the other dangerous cards like Sparky, Inferno Dragon or P.E.K.K.A.

Not only that, remember that the range of the freeze effect circle is large enough to freeze many troops if they are standing close.

Imagine you can do that to maybe 3 cards at once.


The spell card will need you to spend 4 of the elixirs. But in my opinion, it is all worth since the card has that unique ability.

That is all the tips that I got, mate. I am sure you all guys have alternative tips or a more interesting way to use the card in the game.

If you guys have it, then feel free to write it down in the comment section down below.

It will feel very nice to hear some of your addition, my friend.

Signing out for now, Happy week away from Christmas kids, love you