Hi, guys! It’s verdaccio here. I’m here with a Flying Machine guide to share with you guys! This is going to be a sharing deck with the new card. Yup, in this guide I’m going to give you the most recommended synergies deck. I find so many players think the card is sucked but, I don’t really think so. Since, perhaps we don’t find yet the match-up cards for the Flying Machine. Well, without any further ado, let’s check this out!



The Deck


Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Play This Deck




Well, still doing really well with this one tank. The Giant is going to be the leading actor in front of the battlefield. He will be tanking any support troops behind, including your Flying Machine. Yup, the Flying Machine will be the support card.


Goblin Hut

Yes, I include one building card for this deck. The Goblin Hut will give some light pushing to the lane. There’s no downside to using this card, though. The card will help you in creating a massive attack, and you get to go for it when you see the opportunity.




I use Poison as my only damaging spell. It is purposed to help the attack covering the Giant and the support cards. Also, it can be used in wiping any swarm army. The Poison is considered to be the most useful cards in both attacking and defending.


Flying Machine

Our main role is here. The Flying Machine is rather same with the Musketeer, maybe, I think. The card is to hit any obstacle in the way. It is the main ranger in the deck in supporting the Giant. Also, it can be used in dealing with any ground troops since they can do no harm to this flying thing.


Protect the f Machine


Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard, this cool guy is the support for the support card. What? I mean it is his job to protect any army near the flying machine. However, the enemy will rather ignore the existence of your Flying Machine since they think it sucked. Sometimes they will only focus on killing the Giant. Well, you have to give the both of them some protection, though.



Hello, guy! The yellow mustache man is here. He is the leader in defending your base. He is the faithful guardian. You can use him to be the damaged receiver while dealing with the enemy’s attack. Making your tower free from any harm is the Knight’s job description.



A legendary cheap card, the Log is I choose to be the most active card in cycling and can give some efficient damage to the enemy’s troops. This card’s job is to help your Giant in clearing the way. Giving any swarm army such a hard time to deal with your attack.


Fire Spirits

Fire Spirit, the splash damager has no less important role in this deck. 3 splash damages are necessary to wipe any swarm army. It can really be useful as the Log in trading Elixir to go against any expensive card. They can deal with Minion Horde, Barbarians, etc. They are just instrumental in both defending and attacking.

ice_wizard-card-clash-royale-kingdomknight-card-clash-royale-kingdomthe log-clash-royale-kingdomfire_spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdom



First Minute of the Battle

You might want to give some light push with your Goblin Hut. Most noteworthy is for you to see your opponent’s response in dealing with your Goblin Hut. If the enemy decides to deal with your Goblin Hut, the opportunity for you is wide open. You can start by deploying your Giant at the back of your crown tower to go for the massive attack.

However, if you find your enemy’s ignoring your Goblin Hut, you might want to deal with their attack first. Also, you have to find a way in countering afterward, either in you attack lane or in your Goblin Hut’s way.



From 2 Minutes

In mid game, the way of play depends on the enemy’s tactics, though. If your opponent plays offensively, you have to gather your troops at your area before delivering your powerful attack (Countering). However, I suggest you to start attacking with your combo, Giant > Flying Machine > Ice Wizard and prepare the Log and/or the Fire Spirits since it’ll put the enemy’s in defensive.


Go go go!

Last Minute – Sudden Death

At the last minute of the match, though. This is the hard part, I think but, if you play it beautifully, you’ll always have the game, against any deck. All you have to do in the last minute of the game is gather as many troops as you can, inside your area, first. If you can do this, you deploy the Giant at last in front of the battlefield to be the damaged receiver (Tank) for all of your support cards behind Giant. The enemy’s area will be swarming with your army. Usually, at the late game I will deliver an attack with 1 Gaint > 2 Flying Machines > 2 Ice Wizards > So many Spear Goblins and the Log/Fire Spirits is always ready to go. Well, almost forgot, the Poison always put this as a surprise for your enemy deploy is like the last card to go with your all-out attack, consider it as the rage spell.

There it is guys! Nevertheless, if you want to replace some of the cards just make sure they have the same criteria or the same role to play in the arena. That is all from me, if you have some questions or suggestions, please! Feel free to fill in the comment column down below. Verdaccio, peace out!