This is simplest way and one of best. Welcome to Flying Machine Clash Royale for Easy Win

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to December, and it means we are about to celebrate Christmas. What’s your plan for Christmas? On behalf of kingdom’s team, we wish you best fortune and have a blast December. JohnnyBoy’s here again and I’m gonna bring special December article for you. In today’s article, we are gonna be doing a discussion on Skeleton Barrel. This is Clash Royale’s newest card and sure it has a great ability. Today we will talk about another deck matchups along with strategy utilizing Skeleton Barrel, Giant, Flying Machine. It seems like we will play with 2 new cards from Clash Royale as we are about to enter new year.

So, we will have giant as a tanker in countering. Followed by the knight and flying machine, our big guy will show its truest ability; protector. Then how flying machine giant relate with skeleton barrel? Read our guide and hope you’ll be inspired. 

The gameplay is gonna be so simple. But before we talk the strategy in depth, shall we take a look first at the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.1

Play This Deck

As I said earlier that we will play so simply. We will have 2 primary counter combos. First, giant, flying machine, knight and another one is skeleton barrel archers.

However, there are other cards that we can use to handle defense. Poison and skeletons seem like primary defenders. Not only that, we utilize knight as well as a damage receiver. Then, we deal with enemy utilizing poison. Distract incoming single melee with skeletons. 3 skeletons with poison’s help will tear apart one countering. We can also send skeletons to deal with any cards once they connect to our knight. Burning up on poison circle, hold by the knight and stabbed by skeletons are our primary defense strategy.


Flying machine, knight on defense

Don’t forget that we have flying machine and archers. Both are shooters or rangers and so, we can play them flexibly in any lane. We can send both card for defense too. Make sure that both flying machine and archers stand in a safest spot. Let the knight hold the incoming troops, then the machine together with archers keep on dealing with them.

Open attack with skeleton barrel archers

Alright, now let’s we start counter strategy. There will be 2 counter methods; open attack with skeleton barrel archers and main counter with giant flying machine.

We deploy skeleton barrel and archers to open attack. By doing this we might have 2 benefits. First, we will get tower damage since archers shoot in range and skeleton army be enemy target. Second, we force the enemy to deploy cards. This open attack is necessary because we run the main counter rooted from defensive play first.

To run this counter is simple. Make sure first that you have both archers and skeleton barrel on the list. Then, deploy archers in front of your princess tower. Without waiting too long, we deploy skeleton barrel on the bridge before archers be enemy’s target.

This counter doesn’t aim to harm the tower drastically, we just open attack, and bait the enemy deploying cards is the main purpose.

Main attack with giant, flying machine, knight.

Here we come to the main countering strategy. It seems that this deck is kind of combination of newest cards and old ones. Yes, we will have 2 old cards; giant and knight protecting the new ones. Giant is a leader in countering. Flying machine is kind of sniper and it shoots from far distance. Moreover, we will have under-rated knight.

I believe none of you hate knight, because he is a good stopper card and reliable in any field. He is capable of living longer and dealing more and more damage by his sword. Other than that, he is cheap yet lot of benefits we could get. Here, we utilize knight to be another damage receiver. So, we will have 2 tankers in countering and one shooter only. How’s that sound? I’ve been experimenting with this and it turns out that excellent companion for flying machine; 2 high HP troops.


2 tankers for flying machine

Nevertheless, we should ready the zap spell because in most cases, this counter line ups will be interrupted by army or gang. To prevent the death of tankers, we zap on those swarmy and let free our troops.


We can enclose skeleton barrel in this countering too. By doing this, we will have extra damage on enemy’s. With archers too. However, you should make sure first your defense is safe.



Alright, what do you think about this strategy? Now, we have another combination utilizing the newest cards and old cards. Go figure by yourself and be the witness of its greatness. I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. If you have anything you don’t know, please feel free to ask me anything. And if you fail running this strategy, you might just have to adapt and play more with it.

Have a fabulous day everyone! See you on battlefield!