Hello! We are achieving the end of the September and I am so excited because October will be my lucky month. Just sayin mate, not so important. The important thing for today is as always, we got exciting news for all of my young champs.


Since today you all know that there is a new card named Flying Machine is arriving soon, then there will be also a new challenge that will give you chance to win and have the card onto your decks. The new challenge name is the Flying Machine Challenge! Before you decide to join the challenge, there are some details that you should know first. The details are:

The challenge format will be a Draft Challenge. In the challenge, you will have to choose 4 cards for your decks and you will also get 4 cards chosen by your opponents. You will get the one-time prize as you are progressing the stages of the challenge.


And here are the prizes that you will get:

At 2 wins you will be able to get 2500 gold

At 5 wins you will get 5000 gold

At 8 wins you will have 10 rare cards that mean you will have a chance to get a level 3 Flying Machines from 4 out of the 10 cards

At 10 wins, you will get 15000 gold

And in the end at 12 wins you will get 100 cards that brings your Flying Machine can up to level 6 since you will have the chance 24 of the 100.

The first entry you make to join the challenge will be all free. But if you fail the first then the next entry will cost 50 of your gems. As the other usual challenge, you will be knocked out if you lost 3 battles.

Okay guys be ready for the challenge and test your guts in there…

Your favorite uncle is out here, tell us everything in your mind about the challenge in the comment section below, my lovely kid.