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So, you are with me the wasted uncle again here. It’s 2 weeks away from Christmas mate! I bet you are all excited. Just excited like me to continue the series of Kingdom’s file right now.

For you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And the card that we will talk about now is called the Flying Machine! Flying Machine? yap basically it is a flying machine but not as modern as you think.


The Flying Machine is made from wood and it is operating like a helicopter with a propeller but again made from wood.


flying machine-intro

The Flying Machine is operated by an engineer who made it by cycling the machine so it can move around in the arena. But the secret is, the card is carrying a cannon wherever the machine goes.

The card is categorized as a rare troop card where you can unlock it at the arena 9 (Jungle Arena). You will need 4 elixir to deploy the card in the arena.

Cannons from the Air

And of course, that is the main ability of the Flying Machine. It will use the cannon to attack all kind of enemies in front of it. The damage that it can create is also pretty good as it can kill a card like Balloon to prevent it reach your tower.

Since it is an air-based card, then it can shots its bullets from air to ground troops beneath or the other air-based troops in front of it.

This would be great to accompany it with the tank on the ground to create the pushing as the flying machine would support the pushing from the air while protecting the ground troop under it.


Provide the cannon from the air

The other abilities that can make it a good option for you are it is a very quick air troops compare to the others. If it is not distracted by certain troops, it can quickly reach your enemy’s line or even reach the tower and begins its attack. 

To use the card to give assistance in defending would be a good way since it can help your tower to dismiss the dangerous cards like the hog rider on the ground even though it will not create such great damage to dismiss the hog quickly

flying machine-hog rider

Help the tower to dismiss the dangerous hog rider

But from what we have seen so far, it could be said that overall the Flying Machine is not a so strong card.

Its hitpoints are not too strong as it could be easily countered by a card like Archer not mentioning that it also could be easily dismissed by a card like the Musketeer or the Princess.

Once it can reach your enemy’s tower it also can be dismissed by the tower’s arrows. A hit from the fireball also would dismiss the wood helicopter easily.

flying machine-tower

The tower can dismiss the flying machine quickly

The other weakness of the Flying Machine is it is a very one targeted troop. So, once it attacks a target then it will stay shooting it until it is dismissed. This will consume more time while your other enemy’s troops will attack and dismiss it.


In my opinion, to spend 4 of your elixirs, the flying machine could not offer much ability to one of your decks compare to the other 4 elixirs card.  

But you are in the Kingdom’s file here. So you can disagree completely with us. Maybe some of you guys think the card is good then feel free to discuss it all here.

Ah before I forget, the crew also have reviewed the card once before and have created a deck that would do good with having the flying machine on it. You can check it here

Discuss it all here in the Kingdom’s file, it will be all nice to hear all of your opinions, my friend. Love you all, cheers!