Aim for tower crushing using the mighty Firing Golem Witch deck! Yep, that’s what we’re gonna do right now.


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So, wasting no more time, let’s check our deck

Firing Golem Witch Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.4


Play This Deck

You can see above that we got the Golem, Witch, and Fireball as our main cards on the deck. Not only them, the other cards will be the ones to support the combo later in the game.


Minion-Horde-Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomvalkyrie-card-clash-royale-kingdommirror-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

We have double Minion cards over here. They will be our main swarm army to do the versatility. They are great to create pushing or whether to defend your tower from all the enemies.

Not only the air swarm army, we also have the Valkyrie. She is also the card that has versatility. To clear the ground cheap card and also to defend. She is badass.

Mirror is the spell card that we also bring to the game. The card will be responsible to create all of the cards twins in the battle.

Main cards

golem-building targeting card clash royalewitch-card-clash-royale-kingdomfireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdominferno-tower-card-clash-royale-kingdom

And here are our main cards. First, we have the Inferno Tower. Inferno Tower is our main defending mechanism. The card is just great to protect our tower. Its fire and also its ability to distract the building targeting card is just too great.

The Fireball! The Fireball usually will be the end game cards. But later, we would use to clear all the marching on enemies, or troops that try to interfere our Golem.

Of course, we have the Witch. She is the main card to accompany the Golem as well as the damage dealer behind him. She can do all, attack the air, ground whatever it is. She is everyone’s favorite.

Then we got the walking rocks. He will be the main card to tank everyone behind him. As what you know, his hitpoints is arguably the best in the game.


Early Battle

We’re not waiting or wasting time to attack. We would try to attack right away. It is good to surprise the enemy.

Deploy the Witch just behind you king tower. This is to make the elixir recharged enough to deploy the Golem.

Once your Witch is near the bridge and the elixir is recharged, deploy the Golem just right on the bridge and in front of her.

What’s next? Just let them walk. The enemy, of course, would counter them most probably using the swarm army, but the Witch could handle them.

Remember you have the Fireball. This is where to use it once the enemy’s troops are overwhelming our combo then smash them right away using the Fireball.

The moment our Golem Witch reach the tower then I can guarantee you a tower down.

Golem, Witch and Firing

Last minute – Sudden Death

In the last minute, you can choose whether to defend or keep attacking. It is up to you. If you decide to attack then to do the same mechanism would be great.

The double elixir time just can make your attack better. Keep deploying the support cards could overwhelm the enemy.

If you decide to defend then all of the cards in this deck is versatile to do that. Inferno Tower, Valkyrie, Minions or even the Witch and Golem themselves could be used.

Golem, Witch and keep deploying


This deck is a versatile card to defend or attack with the possibility of only two cards to use crushing the enemy’s tower.

So, what do you guys think? As usual, if you have something in your mind then feel free to express it all in the comment section down below.

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