I am thinking a good intro to an article since 10 minutes ago and what a shame I just can’t find it. I am thinking, as usual, I will give a good intro first before we are going to a discussion.


But never mind, the wasted uncle is back here and today the Kingdom’s file series will continue.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can put yours.

For this series, the card that we will talk about is the Fire Spirits



The fire spirits are categorized as a common troop where you need to use 2 of your elixirs if deciding to go using it in a battle.

By taking a look at their name first, it is said that they are “spirits”. I don’t know what this is mean but they are maybe somebody’s spirit that comes from the hell. (maybe?)

Because for me they are looked scary with all those fires burn them down. Yap, their appearance is just like that. They are tiny but they are burned in a fire, mate. They also have these tiny arms and legs.

Yes, they have legs, but the funny thing in the arena they are looked like rolling when marching on to the enemy’s face.


The Sons of Fire

The fire spirits basic ability is like what the legendary Japanese kamikaze. Yap, in launching their attack on the enemy they will jump to the enemy’s face that makes them kill themselves. This is sad anyway.

The fire spirits will be the very effective way to dismiss all the cheap elixir cost cards like the skeletons, goblins and minions are they will do the kamikaze and kill them all right away.

If one of these armies are marching on to your territory then the fire spirits will be best to use to dismiss them rather than using arrow that cost you more elixirs.

Before the kamikaze

After the kamikaze

Since the fire spirits have weak hitpoint and not creating big damage, then it is best to use them as a defencing troop.

They are very effective to use as a distraction to the expensive elixir using card just to waste their time and preventing them achieving your tower while also doing the kamikaze to create little damage effect on them.


Grab the Giant Skelly attention for seconds and at least giving some hit 

In using them the timing and placing will be important as if you put them too far away from for example card like the minions then they will not able to do the kamikaze as they will be attacked and killed first before jumping.

They will also be efficient to finish off a dying card. If one of your enemy’s troops is fighting with one of yours and still not dismissed then the kamikaze of the fire spirits will help to finish them off.

Not only for troops, the fire spirits could also do certain damage on buildings and of course to your enemy’s towers.


Doing the kamikaze on a tower

Calculating that the Fire Spirits only spend 2 of your elixirs then the card can also role as a card to sacrifice if you want to roll the deck in case there is a more important card that you feel has to fill the Fire Spirit’s place.


With just spending 2 of the elixirs and looking at what the Fire Spirits could do then it is not strange that this card could have its place in one of your decks.

As usual, you also can discuss everything on this card, or maybe add more efficient, better or interesting tips then feel free to use the comment section down below to say it.

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