Fabulous Three Musketeers gameplay is here! A lot of scarification and revenge in battlefield. YOLO!  

Happy Saturday everyone! Come back again with me JohnnyBoy with a new awesome video. I always love the scent of the nature after the rain. Play on the music while playing clash royale are the routine that I do to overcome the boredom.

Alright beautiful people, in today’s article we are gonna talk about the three musketeers combined with battle ram. For some of you, three musketeers might be your favourite card because nothing can stop them for sure. Of course, there are cards to stop them such rocket or fireball.

In today’s article we will bring the battle ram and minion horde to join the three awesome ladies. We will have 2 unstoppable countering strategies which require the enemy to deploy their rocket or fireball. It can be said that this strategy is kind of bait rocket if we face the enemy with rocket in the deck.

However, if we fight against the enemy who doesn’t bring rocket than I guarantee you the 3 crownsWell, before we discuss further about the strategies in detail, let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.3

Play This Deck

As you can see that we kinda have 2 deadly combos; three musketeers knight and horde ram. Yes, we will counter with both counter combo. So far, nothing can 100% break this deck and combo. Alright we better play the musketeers knight first before the horde ram. Let’s talk the counter strategy

How to counter?

Alright, before we play the three musketeers, build the collector first. Once the elixir reaches 9 bars, deploy split musketeers behind your crown tower. Deploying three musketeers like this will prevent us from spell damage on three of them so we will at least have 1 musketeer alive.


Split 3 musketeers behind or in front the crown tower

Next, we deploy the knight to be in front of two musketeers. Launch the knight before the musketeers enter the bridge. We will let the solo musketeer on the opposite lane doing the job alone. Don’t send your troops to support the solo musketeer. Well, this is the first attempt you can do.


knight in front of 2 musketeers. First attempt like this

Afterwards, we play defensively. Deploy the archers and spear goblins to counter the enemy first. But if your enemy play with the heavy troops like PEKKA, elite barbarians, prince cards, hog rider, we deploy the horde. Archers and spear goblins won’t succeed the defense because those troops are tanky and high damage.


Defend like this. Don’t worry, we will revenge after this

To prevent tower damage, we always send the horde to do this and those minions will quickly erase those heavy troops. After we do the first attempt with the knight, we won’t have the knight again ready on the list. If necessary, we can play defensive ram, but I think in the early game we can let them to reduce our tower a bit. Don’t worry guys, we have the best cards on the game to get three crowns.

There’s one strategy we can do whenever we play minion horde. Once we see the enemy deploys those heavy troops, we deploy the horde on the bridge to prevent the arrows death. After they launch the expensive troops I mentioned above, they probably won’t have enough elixir to deploy counter cards for the horde. 

However, there are still another defense strategy to use. Don’t deploy horde, defensive ram, musketeers on the defense at all. We can only use archers and spear goblins to handle incoming troops with a risk of losing tower. Deploy the archers and spear goblins once the enemy connect to the tower. Then, we run a massive counter with horde ram after we finish defending.

Horde – Ram

This is the second counter attempt with minion horde and battle ram. To run this strategy, we need to wait till the elixir reaches 9 bars. Then, deploy the battle ram first two tiles before the bridge. Right after immediately deploy minion horde on the bridge.

It’s okay if the horde or ram be the tower target. This will succeed without enemy’s rocket. If the enemy arrows this, the horde will probably die, but the ram will succeed to connect and charge on the tower.

Playing this combo will cost you bad result, but this is YOLO guys. The problem might be on fireball or rocket. If the enemy doesn’t bring fireball or rocket, this will 100% destroy the tower.


1 sec after ram, horde


start revenge with battle ram on the bridge

Musketeers and battle ram

The last combo we can run is to play the battle ram and three musketeers. This is the strongest and the most expensive combo. In 2x elixir, you’ll have 1 collector which can boost your elixir on the 2x elixir. Deploy the three musketeers once your elixir is enough. Afterwards, deploy the knight in front (like previous muskets knight combo)

Once the knight dies, deploy the battle ram in the opposite lane. Nah, this combo will occur if we already get one or two towers because we need short opposite lane as the deployment place for the ram.

The battle ram is kinda aftershock for the enemy because they should stop this running ram. Try to set the battle ram as a damage receiver for muskets. The way to do that is to zap on enemy in order to retarget them.


once the knight dies, Ram immediately to be tower target

Keep in mind

Remember this, it’s okay to lose one tower in order to have three musketeers or battle ram horde on counter attack. Once we have the combos, we will revenge and destroy their tower as pay back.And sure, you’ll succeed the revenge mission because horde ram and muskets are inevitable. Muskets are reckless shooters, kill everything in front.

Meanwhile, horde ram combo is too fast especially we set this as aftershock counter after the three musketeers. Since we start countering with split musketeers, we shouldn’t focus on one tower only.

We focus to destroy 3 towers because we have 3 reckless shooters in a whole package. Playing with musketeers will be so different; this card is a special card and so we play it in a special way. We might lose tower earlier, but you will be no mercy in the late game.


Alright everyone, I hope you enjoy this article and find this useful. Are you a 3 musketeers’ player? What do you think about this strategy gameplay? Please correct me if I’m missing something and feel free to leave your brilliant ideas in comment section bellow.

Hope you guys have a terrifying and fabulous weekend.

I love you guys and YOLO!