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I will give you a strategy how to get 100% win in a high trophy around 2000

Alright, let’s check this out. . . 

If you guys are at a high level around 2000 trophies and you might sometimes feel hard to win because your enemy might have a better level of troops or maybe legendary cards.

However, they might don’t have a good strategy enough to get the win; they might only have better troops.

For you who just get in the 2000 trophies and you only have some of the high-end troops, don’t worry

You can figure out the good strategy to get 100% win.

Herewith the best strategy to get the win with the use of common troops.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 5.3


Play This Deck

The deck and the steps

Firstly, you should have a perfect troops combination.

The perfect deck combination to get win is

the combination between high HP troops (giant, golem, royal giant, ice golem, or lava hound),

the troops for backup the high HP (three musketeers, wizard, ice wizard, witch, night witch, princess, or anything else you think can be a backup),

rage spell, and graveyard.

Wait and see

This strategy can work after the enemy already deploy the area troops (Valkyrie, arrows, or wizard).

So, you have to wait your enemy until they deploy the troops area.

You bring the graveyard in your deck list, and you don’t want to waste your graveyard to be killed by enemy’s troops area, right?

So, wait. . .

Deploy the high HP

After your enemy deploy their troops area, you should wait for your elixir bar until it reaches full bars.

Deploy giant along with the backup (This combo won’t work if you don’t have full elixir).

While the enemy attacks your giant, the backup will attack the enemy troops.

When this happens, you deploy the other support to help your backup.

The point is to not let your giant die, or at least having you giant with half of blood.

Giant first then supports 

Graveyard on aimed tower

When the enemy’s tower attacks your coming giant, deploy graveyard on the enemy’s tower.

You should put the graveyard after the enemy launches their first troop for defending their tower.

Don’t worry, your graveyard won’t get killed easily since there are backup troops.

At this moment, your backup troops function to attack the enemy’s troops which attack the giant.

Meanwhile, it also works to divert the enemy from attacking your graveyard

All raged 

Don’t deploy your rage spell until the giant and the backup near enough the enemy’s tower.

When they are close enough to the enemy’s tower, you deploy the rage spell immediately.

They are all raged and attack faster.

rage when you have plenty of supports

you know what would happen with that tower right?


– The strategy above is better to do when your defense is hard enough and might even better to do in the second minutes above. Therefore, it will make your enemy in hardship.

– Mind your elixir amount, always do this strategy when your elixir is full.

– Better attack from both ground and air (this is optional).

– For the air troops don’t use the high-cost elixir troops because you want to focus on the ground.

– You better bring low-cost elixir such as minion or baby dragon). But again, launch the minion or baby dragon after the enemy launches arrow (if they have the arrow or zap) Be analytical, see your enemy’s deck.

– After you figure out the enemy’s deck, you can run the strategy when double Elixir moment or sudden death.

– The best backup for the giant is three Musketeers because they can attack air and ground troops faster and attack with the high damage.

– If you want to replace three musketeers, minion horde or elixir collector might be the best option

Wizard or witch can also be good options since they can attack ground and air with high damage.

– Or if you don’t have the troops option mentioned above, you can choose the backup for the giant by your own choice as long as the giant isn’t dead until he reaches the enemy tower.

– When you deploy your rage it’s time to full attack!

– In this moment, you want to deploy the skeleton army, minion horde, archers, goblin, or any troops which have low elixir cost and they are many.

– Since every troops are getting faster, the troops mentioned above are quite good to bang the enemy tower.

How to counter building card?

And how if your enemy brings attacking building or hut?

This formula won’t work if there are hut or attacking building in the middle (Inferno, x-bow, cannon, mortar, Tesla, battle ram, or bomb tower)

It is because your giant and the backup will get diverted and be killed easily by the building cards.

So, don’t do this formula if there are still enemy’s building in the middle or when the enemy is about to launch the building cards after several time of cards rotation.

You can run this formula after your giant and the backup get to focus on the enemy’s tower.

If the giant and backup already attacking the enemy’s tower, deploy graveyard, and rage!

At this moment, at least one enemy’s tower will get destroyed.

Pro and cons

Once again, every formula has pro and cons, the con is if the enemy’s building stands in the middle you can’t do this formula. 

The pro of this formula is you’ll destroy at least one of the tower and continue by full attacking.

Then, when all get to focus on the crown tower, you will 100% win.

This formula is hard to be done, but if you have a good timing and the right troops, the win is in your hand!

I know this deck is super expensive.

But here I’m telling you, expensive deck won’t be that bad if you can get victory.

Just try this first and you’ll see.

I hope you enjoy this article and if you have any comment and suggestion please feel free to leave your comment bellow.

See you on the next article!