Hello, champs! how was your day? still can’t sleep? it is okay to drink coffee that much. 
God bless you all for that. So, this morning we got some very exciting news. What is that?


A new card is arriving at your decks pal! The new card named Executioner! a bit scary name, isn’t it? well that would be explained below by looking of the sneak peek provided by supercell, I guess the name suits this new card’s power and unique

The Executioner has an appearance of a thief (well, that’s my first impression of him tho). He has this mask suits in his face and also a smiling face that makes him look scarier. 

The other appearance is he has an axe in his hand that looked like pretty sharp to dismiss the enemy in front of him. The axe itself is his main power and weapon. That is the exciting thing about the new card

The Executioner main ability is to throw the axe right through the enemy’s face. Makes it an area damage card as the executioner can throw the axe pretty far in ranged attack. 

The best thing about it, once the axe is thrown it swings back the the executioner’s hand makes it pretty all the same like a boomerang!

Yap, a boomerang. 

The boomerang effect of the axe can make double damage to the opponent from the first throw and when it is back to the Executioner’s hand.

That double attack can very effective to face the grouped troops you face as well as can face the air attack from your opponents. 

The more thing we know about him is he costs 5 of your elixir, you have to be wise and suits him to your own tactics if you want to put him on your decks. 

However, he can be an exciting card to put on the battlefield because of his unique ability. Now you know his name can suits him well, right?

Be ready to anticipate this new card! We would like you also to put some of your thoughts on the card if you like him or maybe not.

You pals can put it in the comment section below