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So, this morning we are here again to continue the series of our own called the Kingdom’s file. For you guys who haven’t known much about Kingdom’s file.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for this morning, the card that we will talk about is one of the high-level cards in Clash Royale. Can you guess what the card is? It is called the Executioner


The card named Executioner! a bit scary name, isn’t it? I guess the name suits this card’s power and unique

The Executioner has an appearance of a thief (well, that’s my first impression of him tho). He has this mask suits on his face and also a smiling face that makes him look scarier.



The other appearance is he has an axe in his hand that looked like pretty sharp to dismiss the enemy in front of him. The axe itself is his main power and weapon. That is the exciting thing about the card

The executioner itself is categorized as an epic troop card where you can find and unlock the card as soon as you reach the arena 9 (Jungle Arena). You will need 5 of your elixir to be able to see his axe on a battlefield

Throw the Axe

The Executioner main ability is to throw the axe right through the enemy’s face. Makes it an area damage card as the executioner can throw the axe pretty far in a ranged attack.

The best thing about it, once the axe is thrown it swings back the executioner’s hand makes it pretty all the same as a boomerang!

Yap, a boomerang.

The boomerang effect of the axe can make double damage to the opponent from the first throw and when it is back to the Executioner’s hand.

That double attack can very effective to face the grouped troops you face as well as can face the air attack from your opponents.

He can counter the minion horde by throwing the axe as the double damage will crush the minion horde once it is thrown and once it is the way back to the executioner’s hand


executioner-minion horde

Fly the axe on the minions

To use his axe against the swarm army also would be effective as the axe throwing and the double will clear all of the bones

It is great to use the executioner with a tank in front of him as they would cover each other. The executioner will deal with the swarm army or the minions while it lets the tank creating pushing and start crushing a tower.


executioner-mega knight

The combo with Mega Knight as the tank upfront

The other advantages of the card are he has quite high hitpoints make him not so easy to dismiss. He can survive the shock of a lightning or even survive the explosion of a Giant Skeleton’s bomb.

But to use the mini P.E.K.K.A or the Valkyrie to face him would be effective as he can’t survive the physical battle right from them.

To use the Tornado of course he will be pulled to the area where the Tornado stands, but the executioner will still throw his axe on a target without a problem.



Still throwing while being pulled


He will cost 5 of the elixir, but the capability he has and what he can offer you then I think he deserves to have a place on your decks.

However, he can be an exciting card to put on the battlefield because of his unique ability. Now you know his name can suits him well, right?

The Kingdom’s file is a discussion panel, so if you guys have opinions on this particular card then you are all free to say whatever is in your mind.

Feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all, my friend. It will be all nice to hear some of it. 

As usual, coffee break for me, see you later. Cheers!