Hello good morning again you all beautiful people all over the globe! Serve yourself a cup of tea before you start your day. It is important to light up your mood, people! Today I am here to present you the newest series of Kingdom’s file and today is all about the Elixir Collector Clash Royale!


In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

Yap, so for now, the card that we will talk about is the card that I think quite popular in the game and one of the most unique cards in the game. So, as mentioned above the card that we will discuss right now is called the Elixir Collector!


Elixir Collector is a building card where it is categorized as a rare card. The building card itself can be found and unlocked as soon as you enter the arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop). You will need to spend 6 of your elixir if you want to deploy it on a battlefield.


elixir collector clash royale-intro

By looking at its name, then you will know right away that the card is to collect elixirs that later will add you more elixir advantage in a battle.

The appearance of the building itself is like a building made of wood but there is like a big glass where later there will be the pink elixir in it that will keep recharging.

Recharge the Elixir

Like mentioned above, the duty of Elixir Collector is to refill and recharge the amount of elixir in the battle. The building will recharge the elixir once in each in 8,5 seconds where it will stand for 1 minute and 10 seconds on a battlefield.

To have that ability, then it is effective to use the expensive cards on your deck since the Elixir Collector would help you to produce more elixirs than usual.

You can deploy the building first to keep recharging the elixir as the stock before you deploy the expensive cards. This will help you to refill the elixir as soon as the expensive card spend your elixir before.


elixir collector clash royale-place-behind-tower

The placement behind the tower

It is best to place Elixir Collector behind your tower, as the tower will give a protection to it from the marching on the enemy upfront. This will keep the card save to do the recharging.

To double the effect of the elixir recharging, it is great to mirror it if you have a Mirror card. The double Elixir Collector, of course, will give you advantages in a battle. But to use this, of course, will eat your original elixir quite a lot.

One of the effective ways also is to use the Rage spell as the Rage spell could rage the elixir collector to fasten the recharging.

elixir collector clash royale-mirror

Mirror the elixir collector

elixir collector clash royale-rage

Rage the recharging

But even though it can be covered by your tower, it does not make the card will be all save. As it is a building, then the spell card can counter or dismiss the card.

A spell card for example like Rocket can be used to dismiss the elixir collector right away if it is targeted right to where the card stands.

To use Miner and Goblin Barrel also would be effective to make the building uneasy as Miner and Goblin Barrel could be targeted to where the building stands.


The weird thing about this card is you have to spend 6 elixirs to get your elixirs back. But since the card will stand for 1 minutes plus if it safe then, of course, will give you advantages to keep your elixir amount not running out.

I am not really using the card anyway as it does not really suit my playing character. Since every player has their own game playing character then maybe you guys have something different to say.

Therefore, here in the Kingdom’s file is the place you can share it all. It will be all nice to hear whatever what you want to express.

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And I think that is all I have to say for now. Milk time for me right now. Have a blissful day, my friend.

Love you all, cheers!