Let’s get easy win with Elite Barbarians deck with Sparky in it. This is a popular combo that is almost forgotten, yet, this is really great combo. The gameplay will be easy as its title, easy win. Alright, this is it, easy win with Elite Barbarians Sparky deck. 


Hey there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy from Kingdom’s team. Good morning and today shall be another great day. In today’s article, we are gonna be taking a look at a credible tactics of Elite Barbarians Deck with Sparky combination in counter combo. Our focus would be on how to succeed Elite Barbarians and Sparky in countering. I’ve been experimenting with this deck on yesterday’s weekend and it turns out to be a strong deck. Therefore, I review this deck today in order to improve your game experience and of course to earn more and more victories. Let’s learn how to play Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck and get more wins with it. 

Before we talk any further, let me show you first the deck matchups we will use.

Deck Matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.6

Play This Deck

As you can see, we will have 2 Legendary superior cards; Bandit and Sparky. The use of 2 Legendary cards are vital in this deck because Bandit is gonna be another counter card. Although we will set the Elite Barbarians and Sparky on countering, we need 2 counter strategies to increase the chance of succeed. So, we will send Bandit as an aftershock counter after Sparky Elite attack.

This is what I called Bandit aftershock

zap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomlightning spell-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomrocket-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Also, we include 3 important spells to support the counter line ups. But Zap is no.1 spell that is necessary for you to bring. As we all know, Sparky and Elite are so vulnerable against Skeleton army. I’ve been playing with this deck for days and I found so many players bring the Army and used it to counter Sparky and Elite Barbarians. By the presence of Zap, we can make sure that no Army can stop Elite Barbarians and Sparky on their way to tower. So, Zap is a must and irreplaceable. Furthermore, we can just simply spend 2 elixir to strengthen defense. 

Zap will ease you in both countering and defending

There are 2 spells more; Lightning and Rocket. Different with Zap, these 2 cards are actually optional. I personally use it because whenever I play Elite Barbarians, I always bring rocket to significantly harm the tower. Another reason is that I can use it for defense purposes. Launch Rocket to defend against Three Musketeers or to shut a massive counter (Golem or Lava Beat Down). Aim your rocket on the massive counter and you’ll decrease potential damage of massacre. Rocket is an optional, so you can freely replace rocket with Arrows, or Wizard Executioner. We need a card that can deal hybrid area damage.

Moreover, we will have Lightning spell. This one functions similarly with Rocket, to destroy. Seriously I love Lightning spell. And it can be said that our counter with Sparky and Elite Barbarians only need to reduce tower HP till bellow 600 HP point. Then, once the tower reaches bellow 600 HP, we can finish off the tower with Lightning and Rocket. Once again, Lightning is optional and you can freely replace it with Fireball or another area dealer.

Once tower HP reaches bellow 600 HP point, finish it with Rocket Lightning

Minion-Horde-Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Another interesting thing in this deck is the defenders. There are 2 primary defenders included here, Minion Horde and Minions. They are excellently suit this deck because the Horde can shut any troops pretty easily and fast. And Minions can be used to counter ground troops without tankers.

Battle of Minions

How to counter in early battle? (1-2 minutes)

Now, let’s discuss the gameplay in early game. I mostly play the troops on the bridge. Sending Elite Barbarians and Bandit spontaneously from the bridge. Complete the troops’ action with Zap to prevent Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang. However, I prefer to play more defensively and try not to be overcommit. It is because our primary counter is the combo of Sparky and Elite Barbarians. And to launch these two cards, we need faster elixir recharge.

Besides sending troops from the bridge, we can play aftershock Sparky. Do this on the bridge and after the enemy launches any card. In most cases, I deploy Sparky after countering with Elite Barbarians. At this time, you should prepare the Zap and use it on the Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang.

Zap is vital, it lets Sparky to have one shot

How to counter in late game? (2x elixir)

Once you enter 2x elixir moment, you can run Elite Barbarians in front of Sparky in countering. You can start the countering from defense first. To start everything from defense, you can bait the enemy to deploy card first by sending Bandit on the bridge. The enemy must have any card to stop the Bandit before she goes too far. Then, after Bandit dies, you defend using Minion Horde and Minions only. After defending, Deploy Elite Barbarians behind Princess tower. Your elixir will recharge faster and without waiting too long, deploy Sparky behind the Elite Barbarians. Here, our area protection is only Zap. This spell is the cheapest area protection we can get for immediate support. Prepare the Zap when Elite and Sparky reach enemy’s territory.

You can do the same deployment order, but if you already get one tower down, you can utilize the middle space area for Sparky’s launch. So, once the Elite Barbarians enter the enemy territory, deploy Sparky on the middle. This is gonna be shocking and massive counter with Sparky.

This is the goal of countering

Card Replacement

Herewith, I give you recommended card for replacing non-vital cards.


Substitute Rocket with Wizard 

lightning spell-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomfireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Lightning with Fireball


Alright my friends, what do you think about this Elite Barbarians Sparky Deck? Keep in mind, your mission is to reduce tower HP until bellow 600 and finish the tower with Rocket or Lightning. Elite Barbarians and Bandit are similar card, they can run so quickly and harm the tower. In addition, Sparky will deal great amount of damage by Zap area protection. The thunderbolt machine shall be covered and behind the Elite.

Let me know your thoughts towards this article. And please don’t hesitate to ask me anything you might doubt on. Complete me with your brilliant ideas. Hope you enjoy this article.

See you again soon in another useful article guide. Have fun!