Back again in another Clash Royale guide. Combination of Elite Barbarians and Rocket turns out to be a great matchups. 3.6 Average elixir cost makes this deck Elite Barbarians cycling deck, but at the same time we will have a great protection for Elite Barbarians. This is it, Elite Barbarians Rocket deck!


Hey there, you are here with me again Verdaccio. By the end of this article, I will show you a video gameplay showing how to synergize the deck, how to counter with Elite Barbarians, when to play Rocket, and how to create a great defense line up. 

The goal of playing this deck is to play regular Elite Barbarians in countering. Of course, we need to provide area damage dealer for the winning condition. There’s also one card that we specifically use to lead the defense line up. Let’s find out more!

Elite Barbarians Rocket deck


Average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck

fire spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdom

As you know, playing with Fire Spirits behind Elite Barbarians means that we will play bridge spam archetype. I often use this cheap combo in early game. 


Next card is Valkyrie. I prefer to enclose Valkyrie to be in this deck in order to give a strong defense protection. She has high HP and deals with small area damage. That will be good if we set her as damage receiver. Combine Valkyrie with Spear Goblins would be a synergize cards combo for defense. While the enemy targets on Valkyrie, Spear Goblins will brutally strike the enemy. 


Speaking of Spear Goblins, I like this one. I often use them as bridge spam in early battle. If the enemy is so angry with cheap damage of Spear Goblins, they will send any troops to counter the goblins. While that is what we look for, we bait the enemy to launch card first. And start countering from playing defensively. 


Another defense card is legendary Inferno Dragon. I highly recommend you to bring Inferno Dragon to specifically kill the tanker or building targeting cards. This card is very effective because you only need to launch one card to kill one heavy tanker. Combine Inferno Dragon with Valkyrie if you face massive counter with tanker. 


Not only Rocket as our spell card, we will have Zap and Arrows too. Although we have Fire Spirits which always accompany Elite Barbarians while countering, we still need additional protection in case the enemy have more swarm troops that can distract Elite Barbarians. 

Use Zap to kill Skeleton Army, Bats, and Goblin Gang. And Arrows on Minion Horde, Princess, or anything. You can defend with these two cards too. There are tons of benefits you would get if you bring these 2 area dealers. 

Alright, that’s enough for card elaboration. Now, let’s talk the real strategy. 

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, you can counter with Elite Barbarians and Fire Spirits as bridge spam. We will have Fire Spirits to be a cheap area protection for Elite Barbarians. Or if you don’t have Elite Barbarians ready on the list, just throw Spear Goblin on the bridge to bait the enemy counter first. 


See, sometimes enemy gets so angry at bridge spam

If you decide to play defensively, which I recommend you to, you can defend the lane with Valkyrie as the first card to launch. Here, we utilize Valkyrie high HP to receive damage for a while. And after our elixir recharged, send Inferno Dragon or Spear Goblins to give more actual damage. At this moment, all depends on what comes to your lane. 

Send the Inferno Dragon if enemy counters with building targeting such as Hog Rider, Golem, Lava Hound, Royal Giant, etc. The point is, Inferno can kill all heavy troops with high HP pretty quickly. 

After you defend with Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon, counter push with Elite Barbarians. I really recommend you to always enclose Fire Spirits behind Elite Barbarians.

Always attach Fire Spirits, in case you find trouble like this

Never underestimate this cheap combo guys. The enemy will think twice to distract your Elite Barbarians with swarm troops. They maybe send tiny tanker. Don’t worry, Elite Barbarians will quickly hit the defender and reduce the HP so badly.

Another counter strategy that you can do in early game is to counter with Inferno Dragon. Combine Inferno Dragon with Fire Spirits, similar to Elite Barbarians also with Valkyrie in front.

Never underestimate this Inferno Combo

However, Valkyrie is not necessary, but I often do this to avoid swarm distraction. 
Remember that you have Arrows and Zap to give area protection, use those spells wisely. 

What to do in late game?

When you enter 2x elixir, it’s rocket time! Play Rocket more often since you’ll get faster elixir recharge. Whenever you counter with Elite Barbarians and Fire Spirits, prepare for the Rocket after you have enough elixir. 

I often use Rocket to kill the defenders, and reaching the tower too. So, we will get 2 benefits, kill the defenders, and get tower damage too. 

Take the opportunity, 2 towers at once!

Another counter strategy is to start countering by playing defensively first. If you defend with Inferno Dragon, counter push with Fire Spirits and the spells: Arrows or Zap in order to avoid swarm distraction. 

If you face building targeting troops such as Hog Rider or Giant, send the Inferno Dragon first. Then, deploy Valkyrie to strengthen defense. This time, we have a synergize counter combo where Valkyrie will protect Inferno Dragon from tower and swarm distraction from the ground. And if the enemy sends Bats or Minion Horde to kill Inferno Dragon, leash Arrows. 


Had to defend with Inferno Dragon and Rocket, if you don’t have Valkyrie ready

When you are in strong defending with Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon, leash the Rocket. I think this is a good time to play Rocket. Or else, after you send Elite Barbarians and Fire Spirits on the bridge, wait till elixir reaches 6 bars and deploy Rocket on the tower. If the enemy sends defender for Elite Barbarians near the tower, you aim Rocket on tower and the defender too. 

Rocket can be a good option card for defense too. If you face massive counter, whatever it might be, leash Rocket on those incoming troops. That will reduce their chance to destroy the tower. 

Card replacement

spear-goblins-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomarchers-clash-royale-kingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Spear Goblins with Archers or Minions



Herewith, I attach a video gameplay to give you better understanding of countering and defending strategy. If you get used to play this Elite Barbarians deck, you can flexibly play the cards, and avoid negative elixir trade. With Elite Barbarians, everything will be flawless. Good luck! 


Well, what do you guys think about this Elite Barbarians Rocket deck? You must have different opinion with me, and so let’s share your opinion in the comment section below. Guys, 2x elixir is yours. Play Elite Barbarians as bridge spam, send Fire Spirits behind 2 barbarians might be clever. Lastly, smash the tower with Rocket! 

Hope you find this article useful and Good luck!