Good morning beautiful people! For all clash royale enthusiasts, in this wonderful sunny Thursday, JohnnyBoy is gonna give you a very fast and strong elite barbarians deck. We will combine the fast elite barbarians with mirror card.

Folks, playing with mirror cards means that we will have different way of playing.

There will be a lot of elite barbarians on the battlefield and with a mirror card, we will have one higher level ebarbs that which will make you more powerful.

In today’s article, we will have 2 primary cards; elite barbarians and minion horde.

Most of the times, minion horde is often used to be the good companion for ebarbs because they can perfectly cover the ebarbs from the air.

Another reason why they match together is because they have one similarity; the beasts from the bridge.

We all know that the best way to play elite barbarians and minion horde is to deploy them on the bridge.

I wrote an article about the beneficial of bridge deployment strategies and this might complete it, especially we have mirror card which will strengthen our countering.

Before we discuss further, shall we look at the deck matchups first.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.7


Play This Deck

As you can tell that we have three musketeers and elixir collector on the deck.

Yes, we will have 2 perfect combos here; three musketeers and elite minion horde.

However, since the three musketeers is so expensive, we will keep them specially to counter the tankers.

Three musketeers will defend the lane together with ice wizard; the game controller.

They both will be excellently work together killing the heavy tanker such as golem, lava, RG, giant, GS, and P.E.K.K.A.

In one hand, the ice wizard will slow them down while the three muskets shoot on them.

Since its expensive elixir cost, we don’t mirror the three musketeers; you don’t need to do that.

Save your mirror and use it to multiply the countering.

The best cards to be mirrored are elite barbarians, minion horde, bats, ice wizard.

Somehow, we need these three important cards to be always there and doing the job.

That’s how to play mirror card.

Bridge deployment strategies

What I mean by bridge deployment strategies is that launching the defensive card and countering from the bridge.

The beneficial of launching defensive card from the bridge is to create a fast anticipation.

Go with the minion horde as your primary defensive card.

Minion horde consist of 6 minions and you know how fast they are.

Whenever we deploy the horde on the bridge, they will quickly kill the incoming troops and continue to counter.

In countering, minion horde will reduce the tower HP so badly; I guarantee that.

But if the enemy counter our minion horde with fireball; they will die in a sec.

So, having minion horde will bring two benefits for us; strong defense and fast counter attack.

Same thing happens with elite barbarians.

We can use the elite for defense first and continue to counter attack.

However, there is a slight different; we need something to cover them in counter attack.

Defensive elite barbarians will be reduced its HP and without one cover in front of them, they won’t be able to connect to the tower.

Therefore, we need to enclose the ice wizard.

After the 2 elites defending the lane, deploy the ice wizard once they enter the bridge.

There will be good if the ice wizard be in front of them to tank, but if the elite in front, that won’t be a problem too.

Ice wizard on the back will also cover the elite from air and ground attack.

Giving its splash area freeze will enable the elite to run quickly and hit anything in front of them.

the beast from the bridge

How to defend?

As I mentioned earlier that we have three musketeers for defense.

Before we deploy the three muskets, we need to build the collector first.

Due to expensive elixir cost and we need more elixirs to deploy the ice wizard.

Another defending strategy is bats distraction.

Bats are cheap and by distraction strategy, we will fully utilise its function.

Send the bats to counter troops such as inferno, electro wizard, Valkyrie, and other slow troops.

One thing you should remember, better we send the bats before minion horde in case the enemy has arrows or zap.

Thus, we will be able to deploy defensive minion horde afterwards without any hesitation.

Playing bridge deployment strategies means that we need to launch some troops as spell bait.

Three muskets, collector, and bats are the spell baits.

If we deploy them and the enemy launches their fireball, rocket, poison, or arrows, we will have a big chance to succeed the troops from the bridge; minion horde and elite barbarians.

three musketeers and bats mirror for best defense

Bridge deployment strategies with spell bait

This might be one secret strategy we can run to get the crown.

Before you launch elite barbarians, better play with muskets collector.

Let see what spell enemy has that can be dangerous for elite barbarians.

And if the enemy fireball our three muskets, send elite barbarians on the bridge immediately.

Hopefully, they only have fireball as their best spell card so the ebarbs will be free from dangerous spell.

This strategy will work excellently on bats and minion horde too.

Before we send the minion horde from the bridge, we better deploy the defensive bats first with ice wizard.

In this moment, the enemy actually doesn’t have to arrows the bats.

Whether they deploy arrows or not, we can still deploy minion horde on the bridge.

If they fireball the minion horde, we can send the elite barbarians without worrying of fireball.

See, there are so many things you can do to run the bridge deployment with spell bait.

free run after spell bait

When to use mirror?

This is a good question.

Here we counter recklessly with ebarbs and minion horde mirrored.

The strategy is so simple.

After you defend, deploy ebarb on the bridge.

Then, play defensively with ice wizard, bats, minion horde.

Play defensive minion horde is a good choice as well because you have mirrored minion horde ready on the list.

After the first minion horde defend the lane, deploy mirrored minion horde on the bridge.

This will complete the term “reckless”.

We put the enemy unease and it’s so overwhelming.

Same thing happens with elite barbarians.

If we go defensive with elite barbarians, we deploy mirrored elite barbarians on the next launch.

Let the first elite barbarians die.

Wait till elixir enough to run mirrored elite.

Once your elixir is enough, deploy the mirrored elite on the bridge.

you deserve the crown


Alright folks, you know now how to play elite barbarians in mirrored.

Countering with the fast troops such as elite barbarians and minion horde are considered as inevitable counter.

There would be one moment when our elite barbarians and minion horde connect to the tower.

And once they connect, their fast hit speed and movement will quickly reduce the tower HP.

Go with this deck and strategy if you are a kind of simple player.

Well, what do you think about this strategy? For those who are elite barbarians’ pro, please kindly correct me if I’ve mistaken or there’re something missing.

I hope you enjoy this article, and see you on the battlefield!

Have fun!