They are the Elite Savages, they are the Elite Barbarians.


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The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

For now, the card that we will talk about is the card that I think you guys maybe have known much about because I think they are pretty popular. The card that we will discuss now is called the Elite Barbarians



Man, I love that “elite” word. Yap from what we see, Elite Barbarians is basically the same as the usual Barbarians but the difference is the Elite Barbarians are using this kind of iron helmets make him a tougher impression.

Different from the Barbarians too, the Elite Barbarians only in 1 pair while the Barbarians are in 2 pairs. But don’t doubt the abilities of these two beasts.


elite barbarians-intro

The Elite Barbarians themselves are categorized as a common troop. You can find and unlock them as soon as you enter the Arena 7 (Royal Arena) where you will need to use 6 of your elixir to use them in the battlefield

The Elite Savages

The main power of the Elite Barbarians is the damage impact that they create. The damage impact that they can create even bigger than Fireball in damaging a tower.

So, once the Elite Barbarians can reach your opponent’s tower then it will cause so much trouble to your enemy.


Crushing the tower

The way they marching on and fight are also basically the same as the usual Barbarians but they are just stronger, faster and better.

Yap, they are just so fast that they can march on right into the enemy’s face or even a tower right away. By combining them with for example with a Rage Spell than they could be devastating as they will be in a tower’s face faster and destroying the tower, also faster.

Not only destroying a tower, the Elite Barbarians also can destroy every kind of buildings in front of them. Even they can destroy a card like Sparky if you deploy them near it.

The other advantage of Elite Barbarians is they are hard to dismiss. They have this strong self-defence that make them able to keep marching onto the enemy’s line. The Elite Barbarians can survive the Fireball attacks or even a Lighting attack! Ya, I’m not kidding that’s just how strong they are.

But as the other strong cards, that does not make them unbeatable. Although they can survive the likes of Fireball and Lighting, they will be dismissed when hits by a Rocket attack right away.

It is not wise also to use them to face a card like P.E.K.K.A as they would do nothing against the hit from her sword


She is just too hard for them

To face them they also can be dismissed by swarm armies like the Skeleton Army. Not only the Skeleton Army, the Elite Barbarians will be scared when they are facing the likes of Minion Horde.

To stop them you can even try to put their brothers, the usual Barbarians as they can fight them on par.

Archers also can be very effective to face the Elite Barbarians with help from your tower, they can dismiss them from range before the Elite Barbarians reach them.


They can’t stand the bones


For having abilities like above, the Elite Barbarians will need 6 of your elixir. But I think it is all worth as they can be a very good addition to put on your decks if you are able to get them.

Well, guys, as the Kingdom’s file is the place of you discuss the cards then, of course, you can say everything on your opinion of this card or share more interesting tips in using it.

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FYI, our crew also have reviewed these two beasts before and discussing great decks with Elite Barbarians include. You can check them here on our web

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