Elite Barbarians deck Clash Royale is so many out there. Try this Elite Barbarians cycle deck and you’ll be amazed of how easy it is to play the deck. Let’s see the perfect deck matchups and strategy guide to play this Elite Barbarians cycle deck arena battle. Let’s go! 


Hi there, it’s me JohnnyBoy and today I present to you the Elite Barbarians cycle deck with the best strategy guide to win many victories. Well, this is the deck matchups. 

Elite Barbarians cycle deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.1

Play This Deck


Elite Barbarians is of course the no.1 winning condition which we use in any countering. 


Bomber is the crucial factor of your winning. This one is cheap, yet, he is so efficient as a support in this cycle deck. In any defense or counter, send bomber after you have any tiny tanker on the lane. 


Valkyrie is a ground melee for defense. If you meet any ground melee enemy come to lane, send Valkyrie to stop the counter. Afterwards, combine her with Bomber, air troops, ice spirit, or skeletons. 


Baby Dragon is tiny tanker for air units. If you meet any ranger, we can sacrifice Baby Dragon to tank, then, send te cheap cards like ice spirit or minions to help. 

ice-spirit-card-clash-royale-kingdomSkeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common card

Ice spirit and skeletons are the cheap cards which we use to help any counter or defense troops. Although they seem fragile, you would be surprise seeing these cheap cards perform in arena. This is cycle deck, and cheap cards is the best options.


Lastly, we have Arrows. Use Arrows if you meet minion horde coming to your lane. Otherwise, use arrows to help elite barbarians in countering. 

Attacking and defending

Well, the basic countering in this deck is to play cycling cards. The primary cards are only Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, and Elite Barbarians. 

You can use the primary cards in defending or attacking. Then, after sending one of primary cards, deploy Ice Spirit, Bomber, or Skeletons to complicates the enemy. 

This is how to play cycle defense 

If you go on countering, send one or two primary cards, then send Bomber. Remember, Bomber has the highest damage point if compared with other cheap cards. 

This is how to counter push after defense 

Bomber will be very helpful in countering. After him, send the cheap cards again. 

This is how you play elite barbarians cycle deck. Just make sure you have one of primary cards, then deploy cheap cards. Always do this sequence in attacking and defending. 

Opponent is totally run out of elixir 

One thing you should be aware of, don’t place the cheap cards in parallel position. Deploy them in random position, right, left, upfront, or behind so they won’t get hit.


How to place Valkyrie, bomber, ice spirit, and skeletons

The positioning like so would distract the enemy counter troops, and the cheap cards would perform in their maximum performance. 


Well, this Elite Barbarians cycle deck is very easy to play. You just have to remember the sequence of primary cards and helper. 

Every cycle deck will work if you have on tiny tanker infront of cheap cards. Then, you’ll get Elite Barbarians so soon because you cycle the cheap cards without feeling exhausted. 

There you have it, good luck my friends and keep feeling excited for the new upcoming update of Clash Royale!