What’s up people of the world! Today I have good news for players in high level because I have a new stable deck for eWizard. After so many matchup decks to complete the eWizard finally, I found the best matchup for eWizard where we can fully maximize its ability. In today’s article we are going to talk about the cards included.






Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Play This Deck

You might find it unfamiliar because of the combination. If you’re confused, let me explicate it for you.




goblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdom rocket-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Goblin barrel and Rocket

Goblin barrel and rocket are both damage dealer. Rocket is the endgame kind of card while goblin barrel is the one card that bleeds the towers hp dry. It will reduce little by little the hp of the tower. And! you can take out the tower once and for all by rocketing it.



Tornado-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom Baby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Tornado and Baby Dragon


Since we have an expansive deck right here, we can play with the baby dragon because of its affordable elixir. Or we can go with the executioner, but I suggest you pick Bdragon because Baby Dragon can join into counter-attack we are going to do after defending. While defending using these cards, you should launch the tornado first; be predictive and look for a right place where the whirlwind can pull away from the troops of our tower. We can put the tornado in the middle so they will be dragged on to the middle and while so, we send our baby dragon to deal with all of them.



Electro Wizard

After doing the tornado baby dragon, we can enclose eWizard to join them. We send eWizard when the enemy’s HP is reduced so much by the baby dragon. We can send the eWizard and finish off the enemy in the whirlwind using its zap. Now, it time to counter-attack using the electro king. So we have a baby dragon and eWizard on the lane, right? So, prepare the graveyard.


graveyard-card-clash-royale-kingdom the log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Graveyard and the log

We should have the graveyard and the log on our list after eWizard, and the baby dragon is moving forward. Once eWizard enter the enemy range, you launch the cemetery to distract the princes’ tower from hitting our eWizard. Once you start graveyard, the enemy will anticipate it with skeletons or goblin gang or anything, and you can log all of them. We have so many troops in front now; we are attacking.





Graveyard and battle ram

We can combine graveyard and battle ram too. All you need to do is to wait for your elixir till it’s enough to launch both cards, it should be enough because we don’t have time to wait. Put the graveyard at first on the enemy’s tower. Then, we send battle ram to charge the tower, and here our graveyard should take the princes’ tower’s attention because it showed first. If the tower focus on the graveyard then hopefully, without any distraction, the battle ram will be able to charge the tower.


Graveyard Combo



We can also combine these two cards, and sure it will cause a lot of damage tower. When we put our graveyard, the enemy will instantly send any troops to handle it. Once we see interrupters troops, we can put tornado on them so they will be dragged out and so our graveyard will work better. 

While we are attacking, we can send the battle ram. Here, its function can charge the tower, or we can just throw the barbarians in front to tank the living eWizard. Remember, if your eWizard is already dead don’t launch anything else. If you think eWizard are possible to be still alive, then you can go with battle ram. Once the battle ram started, you can send bowler if all of our troops can survive. A bowler can give some more damage.




And what’re skeletons for? Skeletons meant to fasten card rotation, so we have nothing to lose to throw away the skeletons to get the card we want. Skeletons can also be the kite for defending. It’s kind, it’s cheap, and I like skeletons. If you read my other articles about the deck combination, you can see that most of the times I use skeletons just to be thrown away and get my necessary card.

Well, thank you clahsers, don’t forget to share with your fellow clan mates, enjoy!