Hey! 2 days before Christmas here, has it cold enough there? As you are ready to enter the snow wars, I think you have to be ready to enter another war here.


Yea by looking into our main screen today, there is a new challenge that you guys should be excited about before you enjoy the Christmas cookies.

The new challenge is Electro Wizard Challenge. You are right this new challenge will involve you to win the chance to have the legendary Electro Wizard on your decks. The Electro Wizard itself is the first legendary challenge Supercell has ever made.

You can win the Electro Wizard as the grand prize once you are able to win 12 battles includes the other prizes like 22.000 golds and thousand cards as the top prize of the challenge.

And the challenge will begin exactly TODAY mate! And it will run for three straight days from now.

The same as another challenge in Clash Royale, the first entry to the challenge will be free. No gems that will be taken from you. But, after the first entry, the next entrance will cost 100 of your gems.

Like the usual challenge also, you will be knock out if you lose the battle 3 times. The rule of the challenge is you will set your decks which includes the Electro Wizard on it. You can change the decks in every match.  

The exciting thing of this new legendary challenge is all cards will be available to play! Means every card that you haven’t got yet will be available in the challenge and you will be able to use them.

Merry Christmas

Man, a perfect thing to start a Christmas. Since it is the first ever legendary challenge you will not only limited to get Electro Wizard but you also can get the other legendary cards in a chest that you will get.

These 48 hours before Christmas will be crucial for you! Get your hands to enter the fight and get those legends onto your decks.

An early Merry Christmas from all of us the Clash Royale Kingdom, have a nice cookie time!