Hi, you beautiful people all over the world! About 20 days before Christmas here, who’s excited for Christmas? Still waiting for the gifts? Oh come on you are too old for that.


But it’s okay pal. While you are waiting for your gifts, I think I’m gonna watch Home Alone. I love Macaulay Culkin too much.

On a snowy morning I guess, we will continue again our discussion series called the Kingdom’s file.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for this snowy morning, the card that we will talk about is one of the high-level cards in Clash Royale. It’s all about electrifying!

Yap, you are right this card power is all about dismissing the enemy using lighting. And his name is Electro Wizard! A very cool name, right? And that’s exactly what he represents of himself.


Electro Wizard appearance is more like a funny uncle in your family, haha. No, I’m not kidding he has his funny face completed with his funny moustache, funny eyes and funny eyebrows.


From what I see, I think he is a character that would be easy to get along. Trust me! But don’t judge him by his funny appearance, out of it he is a beast on the battlefield. He is the brave uncle that you will get.

The Electro wizard itself is a legendary card where you can find and unlock him as soon as you reach the arena 7 (Royal Arena). You will need to spend 4 of your elixir if you want to summon this electrifying legend in the arena

Electric Feel

The main power of Electro Wizard is he can spell two electrifying lightning from both of his hand to kill all of the enemies around him. The electrifying lightning that he produces is strong enough to dismiss the cards like goblins or skeleton army in one single spell.

The lightning itself is long enough to attack the opponent’s troops from range that make him again very useful in the battle. The electricity that he can summon itself can deal quite great damage on a tower if he is let to reach the tower


electro wizard-attacking-tower

Don’t let him stand in front of your tower

He would be a great card to counter the goblin barrel as the goblin arrives on the ground, a single hit by his electricity can hit them all at once even though they would not be dismissed right away.

What’s great about his electrifying power is he can fight two opponents at the same time. Ya, two enemies at once. By unleashing his lightning using both of his hands then he can direct his lightning to two different areas.


electro wizard-attack-two-target

Attack two targets at once

So, while he attacks for example a card on his left, he can attack his enemy on his right also just by directing his hand at once. Again, this makes me love this funny uncle even more.

The other cool thing about this new Electro Wizard card is when you deploy him to the arena, he can give a direct attack and damage to the opponents. Once he arrives in the arena, he is kind of unleashing his lightning to enemy’s face and destroy them.


electro wizard-arrive

You can’t ignore his arrival

More like Sasuke unleashing his Chidori to Gaara, if I’m not mistaken, sorry haha. So it can be very effective for you to deploy him right into where your enemy’s stand or marching on since his entrance will give an intimidation or even kill all of them. Oh, I just love this uncle.

To use the electro wizard to counter the Sparky also it would be a great way as the shock of his electricity can reset her to attack again.

But to use him against the minion horde would not be the best way as the flying army can tear the electro wizard apart.

But remember, the electro wizard will be vulnerable to the physical troop like the mini P.E.K.K.A or the Valkyrie as he is not too effective to fight in a close combat.


electro wizard-valkyrie

A close combat is just not one of his capability

Not only can give a direct attack or fight two opponents at the same time, Electro Wizard can also fight both of the ground and air-based troops. He can attack a baby dragon and a Giant or even the towers at once.


A perfect all-rounded fighter for all kind of fights. A perfect power for his status as a legendary card. For a legendary card, an Electro Wizard spends 4 your elixir and for what he offers you, he will be a very nice addition to put onto your decks.

Leave everything in your mind about this our favourite funny uncle in the comment section! The Kingdom’s file is a discussion panel so you can say whatever is on your mind.

It would be nice to hear from all of you. Just for your information, the Kingdom’s crew have reviewed the card once before and have created the best support deck using the card where you can check it out here

An early 2 weeks from Christmas to all of you pals! Love yourself. Cheers!