Holla Thursday! Are you ready to rock? Everyone, this is JohnnyBoy with a new superior and full of tales article.

La Superior and Anti-gravity

What I mean by full of tales is that because we will talk about so many cards with so-called legend by many players.

Take a deep breath. . . we are about to enter the anti-gravity zone.

To fulfil the “antigravity”, we will have so many dragons, and other flying things.

And for the “La superior” we will have one biggest tanker in the game; golem.

Right, we will combine the golem with anti-gravity troops in one deck.

By having this deck, the enemy is already on the edge of the cliff and all we need to do is just to push them a little bit.

Let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck

There are several reasons why I pick up golem as the la superior.

Firstly, it is because he can get the enemy’s attention, which means that the enemy will split their countering; ground and air.

It will be easier if we replace golem with lava hound. Enemy will do full air counter.

Secondly, the enemy won’t have full counter in ground (to counter golem), at the same time, enemy won’t have full defense to counter our air fleet.

By having air units as primary strikers, we will prevent ground damage.

So, cards like the log, barbarians, skeleton army, bomb tower, cannon, and any other cards dealing with the ground won’t be a major issue.

Alright, for the primary striker we have inferno dragon of course.

The Double Agent

Besides a primary striker, the beam fire master handles defense too.

But, we should only rely on him when we face building targeting troops, lava, golem, baby dragon, and elite barbarians.

Having burst damage ability will ease us.

It is because card levels, crown and princess tower HP won’t affect us so much.

Level 1 inferno dragon can easily kill level 3 or above golem and lava. Go figure yourself if you still have any doubt about that.

Not only that, we have baby dragon that can deal area damage.

The grown-up dragon will fly behind the golem and gives fire splash to any swarmy that usually used to counter golem.

We can use baby dragon to support golem action whenever we go countering with the superior.

Having a baby dragon will gives extra defense too, he helps his inferno brother dealing with swarmy and building targeting cards.

So, whenever you are head to head with swarmy, just send the baby dragon beside your tower.

Your tower will survive from the swarmy stabs.

To give extra defense, we have minions, bats, and tombstone.

Tombstone can pretty much handle the single ground units like P.E.K.K.A, lumberjack, mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie.

This is the distraction building. And those troops I mentioned above will be like in a labyrinth.

They’re trying so hard to reach our tower but sadly they have to die before entering tower zone.

Or else, if you think knight is better than go with the knight, they meant for distraction. 

Complete the tombstone with minions.

You can help the tower finishing enemy’s single troops by sending your minions or bats.

But remember, don’t launch minions and bats at once because the enemy probably has arrows, zap, fireball.

Early Game

For the first move, I think you better send the golem from behind the tower.

If you don’t have golem on your list, you can send either minions or bats from the bridge.

Just to see some of enemy’s cards.

Or else, you can build the tombstone at the middle of the ground.

Once you have golem, send it.

Remember, playing the expensive troop like golem should be in the right position.

By sending him from behind, we will have some time to wait for elixir recharge.

Send bats or minion following the golem.

Send only one of the okay to prevent one arrows death

The best timing to launch minions or bats is when the golem enters the bridge.

So, if the enemy anticipate your golem by fireball or lightning, your bats and minions will be harmless.

Or if the enemy anticipate it with building card, send the minions and bats on the bridge but place him at centre position.

Let’s say we have already minions or bats and golem right

Both troops will mutually work together; protecting each other.

Keep the dragons for later, start the dragon for defense first.

After the golem reaches the bridge

Middle Game (Full Defense)

That’s your first attempt guys, don’t get overcommit because now you should defense.

Go with the tombstone for kiting the incoming enemy.

Remember, before you build tombstone, mind the position first.

I mean, we wait till the enemy sends their counter. Where the troops go. In which lane.

Let say they send counter troops on the right side.

Put the tombstone on the middle but go one tile to the right from the centre line.

By doing so, the enemy will come to tombstone first before the tower.

Keep in mind, you have arrows in the deck.

Send arrows if the enemy runs massive counter with swarmy like minion horde, goblin gang, skeleton army.

Go with mega minion if the enemy sends troops like wizards, miner, minions, or dragons.

Mega minion is another defensive card that we can use to counter single troops without high HP.

You can replace mega minion with rage spell.

Rage spell will be good to complete the dragon tales; inferno and baby dragon, in both countering or defending.

The burst damage of inferno will increase faster and the baby dragon will splash faster too.

Go figure! Whether you are more comfortable with the rage or mega minion.

By having rage spell, we can do “saucerful of secret” where we send the inferno dragon on the opposite lane.

To do that, we don’t send the inferno behind golem and baby dragon.


La superior and anti-gravity

Late Game

Just go with golem and baby dragon on one lane.

Once the enemy sends their countering (hopefully expensive cards) go with the inferno and rage on the opposite lane.

On this state, we force the enemy to choose and we make them losing extra defense on one lane.

They should split countering and so either inferno dragon or golem will significantly reduce tower HP.

To run the “saucerful of secret” we should really mind the golem placement.

That’s why I said placement is vital.

Split right after the enemy launches swarmy on where golem headed

If you don’t send golem from behind the tower, you won’t have enough elixir to deploy inferno dragon and rage.

That’s the tricky part of inferno dragon.

It is inevitable guys, once the inferno connects the beam fire to the tower, nothing can stop it.

The worst scenario is that the enemy is able to handle our split counter.

If yes, focus with golem and baby dragon.

Send minion or bats on where the golem and baby dragon headed.

Another strategy you can run is collaborating la superior with inferno dragon.

The things you should do is to wait till the elixir reaches full.

This strategy will work in 2x elixir because you need faster elixir recharge to really shock the enemy.

Alright, the first to launch after you have full bar elixir is golem in front of your living princess tower.

2x Elixir

No more golem from behind. It’s 2x elixir.

Support golem with baby dragon if the enemy counter it in immediate.

If not, go with the inferno on the middle space of enemy lane.

That will be after your golem enter the enemy territory.

Wait till the enemy’s swarmy focus on the golem and finished by baby dragon.

Right after, send inferno.


From the middle space + rage = Death

As I said earlier, playing with this deck means the enemy is already on the edge of the cliff and al we need to do is to push them a little.

Good luck and Have fun

See you on the battlefield!