All the effective Tornado combo!


Are you a Tornado user? Or you just got the card? Then it is the right time for you guys to read this article. Today is special to tell you all the most effective cards to use as combinations with the Tornado spell.

Tornado is one of the most versatile spell cards in the game since its ability to absorb all of the troops without exceptions. Therefore, using the card with other cards to create the maximum abilities would offer you many advantages in a battle.



This the most famous combo. The combination of the Executioner and the Tornado is just very good that it would still relevant to the higher level. Both of the cards synergies very well. Whenever you encounter a big battalion marching on enemies coming your way, you can rely on these two cards. So far, this is the best defensive style to save your base from even a scratch. 

However, if you see a small army or any other kind of strike is coming but, it’s not that a big deal. Here, you can always use one of them.



This one is quite mind-blowing. I find this combo is effective to go against any high damage dealer. It just works with any kind of attacking troops, though. If you somehow want to try this defensive style, you might want to mind your deployment time and place. Hence, that will answer why they really efficient use to blow any high HP troops.



I don’t really prefer to use this but it is a good alternative. Another defensive mechanism, you have to be precise in deploying both of them. Make sure the tornado can maintain the position of the army you aim before you fire the ball of fire. This requires your deployment skill both timing and placing. 

The style can wipe any kind of army your enemy sent to you. Just keep in mind that it can cost less than the Exonado still, but create the same effectiveness in defending.




It is quite similar to the Exonado, the cost, the effect & the job is just the same. But here Wizard can be the difference since he can spell his fire punch constantly and of course killing the absorbed troops. On top of that, you can use the Wizard to build an attack from the line, just put a tank in front of this guy and he’ll take care the rest.

So, what do you guys think? I think, there will be more cards that will be effective to use with the Tornado. Therefore, if you guys have more suggestion then feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all.

Okay time for me to have some coffee, see you later. Cheers!