Holla clashers! Here with me again JohnnyBoy who represents the kingdom’s team to inspire you with a brand-new article. How is your plan for today? Keep rockin’ and don’t worry about yesterday. Yesterday is a history and today is the time you improve and be better person. Alright folks, today I’m gonna give you a new way to get win utilizing 2 Building Targeting Cards and Rocket. Here, we will have balloon and hog rider as the primary cards, rocket too. This time we will do something different where we will keep on deploying the building targeting cards to connect to the tower and make some hits. We want them to reduce the tower at least till below 500 HP. Below 500 HP will enable us to finish off the tower with rocket. That’s the general gameplay and big picture of what we will be doing today.


This strategy is still uncommon and I’ve tried this strategy last night and bring victory home. The counter defense strategy is pretty easy too. All we need to do is to cycle the Hog rider and balloon. Then, we play defense again. Furthermore, we also have one more card which we use to force the enemy deploy their cards. Here, we continuously put pressure on enemy. Folks, before we discuss the strategy in depth, I want to show you what we have in deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.6

Play This Deck

As you can see that we also have prince included here. Nah, prince is the card which we use to bait the enemy deploying their card to stop the prince. Prince with its charge damage ability can be so dangerous if he rides free. Thus, the enemy should shut the prince, especially to stop the charge. However, baiting the enemy to deploy defense cards will we do later.

Beside the prince, we have minion horde and army. These 2 cards are our defense cards which we deploy to counter enemy’s defense card on prince. After the enemy stop the prince with defense cards, those defensive line up will come to our lane and counter attack. Nah, we can counter those incoming troops with minion horde or skeleton army. Utilizing its number, hopefully the army will distract any single melee. But if we face the area splash dealer, we can deploy wizard or baby dragon.


horde’s on duty

Here, we also play cleverer. We don’t only have horde as swarmy guards, that’s too risky. If we only have minion horde as number one defense card, enemy will easily execute the horde with arrows. To prevent one arrows death, we should send the skeleton army first as a spell bait. So, whenever you face incoming sparky, inferno dragon, pekka, or elite barbarians, we deploy the army first. if the enemy counters our skeleton army with arrows or zap, we deploy the horde. Actually, we are gambling here.

What to do in early battle?

Alright, let’s continue our discussion to be more specific; counter and defense strategy. As I said, we will counter with 2 buildings targeting cards; hog rider and balloon. In countering, we separate those heroes in double-sided counter to achieve better result. What I mean here is to separate the enemy’s defense. By doing so, the enemy won’t have maximum defense on balloon side and hog side. Nah, one of them will also have more hits or bomb drops on the tower.


double sided counter prevents enemy to have maximum defense

Remember that our mission here is to reduce the tower only till it reaches below 500 HP. This is the easy part of this counter strategy. We don’t have to always combine the building targeting cards with excellent supports or tactics whatsoever. After we deploy hog and balloon over and over again on both sides, we will be guaranteed to reduce tower HP significantly.

Nah, in the middle of countering with hog and balloon, we can deploy prince some times. Keep in mind that we will play simply and only counter and defense. No need to build counter attack or beat down counter. So, if we have prince on the list after balloon and hog, we send the man of honour to force the enemy deploying their cards. Deploy the prince on the bridge.


prince forces enemy to deploy defense cards

The bait strategy aims to at least decrease enemy’s defense strength by letting them deploying defensive cards for prince. Then, if they spent defensive cards already for the prince, we will have bigger chance to succeed the balloon and hog action next after. By spending their best defense cards for prince, enemy will have weaker defense line up. And weaker defense line up could mean that enemy won’t have any strong damage dealer to counter both balloon and hog rider.

This time, our building targeting card will have more and more hits or bomb drops because there is no damage dealer both of them.

When to deploy rocket?

If the enemy don’t counter with three musketeers, we should keep rocket till the late game. Or else, we keep it as the 8th card which we use to finish tower with low HP first.

Actually, you can get 2 towers down since we play double-sided counter. So, if one of the tower has below 500 HP, don’t rocket it. You can get easy win by rocketing the tower actually. But let’s we do a little bit more efforts to get 2 towers.

Alright, you can let the below 500 HP tower and keep on cycling hog, balloon, or prince to reduce another tower. Generally speaking, we better make sure that we reduce both tower till 500 HP first before we deploy rocket.


Hog rider is under mission to reduce tower HP



rocket as the 8th card. Finish off the tower



Rocket finishes the second tower

More pressure

Talking about harder effort, we can deploy the balloon and baby dragon in one side and hog rider on the other side. This will injure the tower so badly; especially the tower with baby dragon and balloon. That’s because the enemy already split their defense cards. Moreover, they should shut the balloon and baby dragon, which is categorized as strong popular combo.

At this moment, the enemy will probably put some effort on the side where baby and balloon headed. Because this combo will be more likely destroy the tower compared with Hog tower side.

It seems like we make the enemy so miserable and always given hard choice. If the enemy put more efforts to counter baby dragon and balloon, the hog tower side will get bigger chance to have more hits on the tower.


give more pressure with baby dragon and balloon


Alright folks, here we come to the end. What do you think about this strategy? This time we don’t need to worry about massive counter with enemy’s beat down combo. We give enemy more pressure in continuously to prevent them deploying beat down cards.

If they really have a chance to deploy their beat down cards; golem, lava, pekka, we keep on countering with both hog and balloon and let the heavy troops come to our lane.

Are you a hog or balloon player? Please let me know if I miss something here and complete me with your ideas. Leave your comment and suggestion in the comment section down below. Let’s improve and enrich our battle experience together.

See you again soon in another useful article. Have fun!