Hello clashers! How’s your day so far? We hope you have a blissful day and everything will be okay. You are here again with me, JohnnyBoy. On this beautiful Tuesday, we are gonna be taking a look at the Miner Deck and how you can get win easy with this. We will also include one more legendary card; Bandit. This time, we will combine miner bandit and bats in countering. This Miner Deck will aim miner to be a tiny tanker for bandit and bats in countering line.

It seems like bandit and miner has an obvious similarity. Both of them could connect to the tower quickly. In one hand, bandit has a dash damage ability that will let her jump to the enemy’s tower without having to walk slowly.

Moreover, her jump damage can cause serious problem for the enemy because it can reduce tower’s HP pretty significantly. Most of bandit players would deploy bandit on the bridge and only need bandit’s dash damage.

Having this kind of similarity, we can trap the enemy by bringing fireball. What I mean by that is to deploy fireball in order to kill the defensive troops and reduce tower’s HP. So, when you have miner bandit bats on countering, they will connect to the tower quickly right?

Nah, the enemy must have troops surrounding their tower to shut the miner and bandit. That is the moment when we deploy fireball. So, we will have 2 benefits of having this fireball. First, we can kill the defensive troops (depends on the troops). Secondly, we will have tower damage as well.

Bandit will dash on the tower and give some tower damage. (I watch this awesome GIF for many times)


Miner through underground will easily connect to the tower. Some bats will enjoy hitting the tower. And if the enemy shuts this counter by deploying defensive card on bandit miner on the tower, they will die due to fireball.

Alright, that’s the general concept of our countering. There are still so much more to talk about. But first let me show you the suitable deck matchups that I think the best for this.

Deck matchups



Average elixir cost : 3.1

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have mini pekka and witch. These two cards are your primary defense troops. So, we don’t only have strong and beneficial counter, the defense will be so strong. Combining mini pekka bats can be your cheapest defense combo. Although cheap, we shouldn’t underestimate it boys. I think mini pekka bats is one of common defense combo and strong one. Mini pekka will hold the incoming troops while the bats will deal with those troops. Surprisingly, we can use mini pekka bats for countering too. This can be your alternative counter as well.


after defending, they come forward dangerously

Fire spirits, the log, and witch are the rest of your cards and these function primarily for defense. But that doesn’t mean you can’t counter with the witch. You can, but you better keep in case you need it to anticipate quick counter from enemy.


defend with witch and the log

Deploy spirits to support both counter and defense. Spirits will explode its splash fire and kill group of tiny swarms.

The log is important to defend against ground troops. Deploy the log to kill goblin barrel, and sure you should deploy this to kill swarmy ground. The log can push enemy away for further distance and give use some times to deploy defenders and also our tower will be able to make some hit on those.

How to Miner Bandit Counter?

Since we have cheap counter combo here, we can get excellent result by utilizing each card passive ability. Alright, the counter is so simple, first wait till you have miner bandit bats ready on the list. After you have three cards ready, deploy miner first. Then, immediately deploy bandit on the bridge. Attach bats to join bandit will be awesome. Here, the enemy will send their counter card to defend from this. They will send the troops for the bandit miner on the tower. Once those troops come to their own tower, deploy fireball.


I also give you a counter alternative by utilizing mini pekka and bats. Run this counter when you have witch already for defense. Deploy mini pekka attach with fire spirits on the bridge. Then, immediately send bats after the mini pekka enters enemy’s territory.


never underestimate mini pekka and bats, they are fast

This might not as good as our primary counter strategy, but I often play this counter too. As its name, this is alternative and so you don’t have to run this in countering.


What do you think about this Miner Deck? Easy fireball for extra benefits is here. It’s time to upgrade your fireball maybe? The higher fireball level you have, the higher damage you could get. Alright folks, I think this is the end of today’s article. I hope you enjoy this article, please let me know why and correct me if I miss something. I’m a human therefore I made mistake.

Oh, and don’t hesitate to ask me to review anything you’d like to know. See you again soon in another article. Have fun!