Bandit and Battle Ram, Let’s go!

Hello, dear readers! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. Today, I will write about the two crazy dash dealers in clash royale along with the best deck to support them. Speaking of dash damage dealer, we should mention bandit and the battle ram. There are also the prince and mega knight, but in today’s article, I’m gonna talk about bandit and battle ram. Dash dealers are so vulnerable against number troops. So, we also provide the counter card to handle it. Alright, without any further ado let’s see what we have on the deck.



Deck combination

Average Elixir Cost : 3.8


Bandit and Battle Ram

The first two cards should be the bandit and battle ram. Here we are making a deck with dash damage as our main focus. Let’s provide the best support for them so they can dash on the enemy’s tower. Better not launch bandit and battle ram in one line; launch them separately. Play them one by one along with the supports. And the support should be crazier than these main cards. I will show you the best support for it.

Three muskets

Since we only want to utilize the dash damage from bandit and battle ram, we should have the best troops that can continue attacking what’s left from the bandit or battle ram. Meaning, the three muskets should go on attacking the tower even the dash dealer is dead. The main function of three muskets is not fully protecting the dash dealers; they will go unexpectedly to finish off what’s dash dealers already done on the tower. While we’ve launched the battle ram or bandit, send three muskets. Here, the elixir will be so hard to manage; we should play patiently. I will talk about the strategy later on.


The main function of the executioner is generally as same as the three muskets. But, we set the executioner to fully cover the dealer, so, the number troops, which is the common counter card to handle the dash dealer will be easily handled by the executioner. We should predict the enemy cards first, so we can decide whether we should send three muskets or executioner to cover. If we know the enemy already send the number troops card, we can go on with three muskets. If we know that the enemy has number troops cards but they haven’t used it for the second time we better send the executioner in case they send the number troops to block the dash dealers.

The Log

I also enclose the log to handle the number troops. So, the skeletons army or goblin gang which the opponent launches to block the dash dealers will be erased by only one log. The log is a very effective card, and it’s perfect card to support our dash dealers. Despite it costs cheap elixir, it can give damage on the tower too if we put it on the bridge. I launch log if I have three muskets already as a backup because we don’t need to launch executioner to handle the crowds while we already have three muskets. Another case if I already have executioner on the lane. But, it still depends on what situation you are in. Meaning, I still launch the log if I see my executioner seems not capable of handling the crowds.

Goblin Gang

Here, goblin gang can be very useful for countering or defensive purposes. This card is also the card that I launch first to protect the first dash dealer (be the first card if I have it on the list of course). Why don’t I send the executioner or three muskets rather than the goblin gang? That’s because we have to predict the enemy’s card first. Goblin gang and one dash dealer are enough for the first attempt. I will tell you later on the steps and how you should play this card.

Tornado and Skeletons

If I have executioner, I should bring tornado too because their combo is so strong and useful for our defense. Yes, tornado meant to be the defense card. But, as usual, if your situation forces you to send it to support attacking then do it. If we have executioner as a backup at the moment, then tornado can be a good support that can ease the dash dealer by getting rid of the blocking troops and so our dash dealer can focus on the tower and do the dash.

Yes, they born to be bait. I pick skeletons because I need a faster card rotation so whenever I go attack and don’t have a damage dealer on the list I can just throw away the skeletons. Besides its function as bait, they can be a good distraction for enemy’s single target which comes to attack.

Counter Combo

Battle ram (or bandit) and goblin gang

Whenever I have these two cards on the list, I will send them as the first attempt. Goblin gang can be very useful for us to see and predict the enemy’s cards. After launching the first attempt, we better wait and prepare for defense.

Battle ram and three muskets

Here, the barbarians from the ram function to be the tank for three muskets. But we still expect the ram to do the dash on the enemy’s tower. These two combinations can be the most harmful combo because we have our primary damage dealers; three musketeers. If the battle ram succeeds to give the dash, the three muskets are tanked by the barbarians, and that’s really insane and sure they will cause serious damage to the enemy’s tower.

Of course, they will be even better if the barbarians can live longer and so the three muskets can give more and more hit to the tower.** When we go attacking with this combo we can launch the log to get rid the enemy’s number troops. It eases three muskets, and so the muskets will have enough HP to finish off the tower.


Three Musketeers follow the battle ram. Better send a tanker first


Bandit and executioner

If you have these two cards on the list and you are about to attack, then you can go on with this combo. We can send our bandit first and immediately launch the executioner. We can put them on the bridge so the bandit can reach the enemy’s tower faster. And we don’t need to so worry because we have the executioner behind it which can protect the bandit perfectly.** If we go attacking with this combo, we can send the tornado to ease the executioner gathering all troops in one whirlwind.

Bandit and Battle ram

We can send them both together in 2x elixir moment. Hopefully, we won’t face the building card so the battle ram can still focus on the tower. We should prepare the log if we want to run this combo. Or else you can send the executioner if you want to avoid the dash dealer focusing on the troops instead of the tower.

battle ram first then bandit. Look at the dash damage they made


Defense combo

Defensive battle ram and goblin gang

Keep in mind guys that we have barbarians in this deck, so if we need extra protection we can go flexible and send the battle ram just to reveal the barbarians and be the tank for the goblin gang

Executioner and tornado

We’ve mentioned about this ultimate defensive combination. But, I will still tell you about this. We can launch the executioner first and continue with the tornado. The executioner will be easier in handling the enemy in the tornado’s whirlwind.


We can play the skeletons bait. And sure, we can make it stronger by combining it with other cards. Skeletons born to be bait.

Solo tornado

While playing using this deck and if I see a hog rider aims to one of the towers, I will put the tornado right between the princess tower and crown tower. If we can distract the hog rider to the crown tower, it will hit our crown tower, and so it will be activated.

play goblin gang specifically for defense. Very useful in this situation



– In the early game, don’t launch bandit and battle ram at once because we won’t have enough elixir to launch either three muskets or the executioner.

– You can run bandit battle ram in 2x elixir time.


Playing with the dash dealer meaning, we will face a lot of number troops which block our dealer. Our das dealer won’t have enough HP to do the dash. Therefore we should have the support which is also strong and also have high damage; three muskets and the executioner.

So, in case the dash dealers fail to do the job, we still have the supports which can still make some hits on the enemy’s tower. Playing with this deck, we should be so predictive. See the enemy’s card, and so we can know what’s the best support for the damage dealers. This deck makes us be the game determinant, so play intuitively and do more attacks.