Use them as they should be

First of all, elite barbarians and hog rider are two of fast troops which should be played as they are. JohnnyBoy always starts the morning with silence bliss, think about the new strategies, play, and review all brilliant ideas to you. Seems like that’s my daily routine guys, I play and play to figure out something new to be shared. The new discovery for this morning is about the use of fast troops especially elite barbarians, goblins, and hog.


I want to use those fast troops as it should be; launch it and make it inevitable by its speed movement. When we launch those troops on the bridge, they will quickly reach the enemy tower and that will be so surprising; they are unbelievably fast like flash. That’s what we are going to talk in this article.

Some of you may not know yet about this strategy and by reading the paragraph above, you’ll know how to use fast troops in general. Now, let’s continue to the deck combination. But before, please correct me if I’m wrong and give me your troops suggestion if I am mistaken.


Deck matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 3.3

Play This Deck

Elite barbarians

Firstly, we have elite barbarians as our primary focus here. Due to his card is so fast, but sometimes we use it as it shouldn’t. Sometimes we just play it like we play barbarians and that’s what you shouldn’t do. My friend, elite barbarians consist of two strong barbarians with very fast speed movement.

Imagine how strong they are if we place them on the bridge and run so quickly to the enemy’s tower. Elite barbs on the bridge are like an unexpected thunderbolt which strikes to our house; we can’t avoid it. That will happen to your enemy if you play the elite barb on the bridge.

At least, two elite barbs will harm either the enemy’s tower or if the enemy distracts them by other troops they will harm the troops so badly. Especially relevant, the expensive elixir cost of Elite barbs (6 elixirs) is just worth the quality. Of course, to maximize its powerful strength we should provide some supports.

Hog rider and Lightning

Next, while the Elite Barbs on the bench we have a hog rider as a secondary striker. Hog rider is a special troop in the deck because it is the only tower target card we have. If we can provide the best support for it, a hog rider will significantly reduce the enemy’s tower and buildings. This troop is categorized as a very fast troop and imagine how cool it is if we match a hog rider with elite barbs or other fast cards; it’s shocking and hard to resist.

In the deck, we have a lightning spell which is the perfect match for the hog. Hog plus lightning is catastrophe, believe me. It is because the lightning can get rid everything that blocks our hog.This is one of the counter combos you can run whenever you have enough elixirs. Yes, this combo is expensive guys. Better run this combo in 2x elixir and you’ll get a deadly attack with the fast and strongest cards; hog lightning

Goblins and dart goblin

The next two cards are goblins and dart goblin. These are optional guys, and it’s up to you to replace it with anything you like. I pick goblins because they are fast, cheap, and I can use it defensively as a distraction. And the reason for having a dart goblin is because it can shoot from a distance and we need a shooter to handle everything behind elite barbs or hog.

I can pretty much rely on dart goblin and I don’t want to replace it with the more expensive card in this expensive deck. Having a shooter means we can defend from the air strike. Although the damage isn’t so high, this card is helpful as a support whenever you go defending.

Ice spirit and fire spirit 

Go sneaky ice spirit! That’s the term some players use when they send the ice spirit. Playing with spirits in this deck is vital. It is because we can execute the skeletons army, which is the common card used to counter elite barbs and hog, quickly with the cheap spirits. 

Although they are cheap, we can’t underestimate its death effect. Ice spirit can freeze the tower, building, and any troops around the elite barb and hog. Fire spirit can blow up all number troops such as minion horde, minions, goblin gang, skeleton army, etc.


I pick zap to show the enemy that we have all fast cards on the deck and zap is one of them. The function is quite similar lightning. But there is a slight different; zap is cheaper and it is the card I use to counter low HP troops like goblins, minions, minion horde, archers, etc. 

Actually, you can counter those mentioned troops with the lightning spell but sometimes we don’t really need an extra counter. Sometimes, all we need is zap on the enemy’s troops to reduce their HP and continued by our troops. 

Or else, we need to silent the tower and troops for a second so our hog can do one more hit on the tower. One second means everything if we play hog. If you want your hog to give one more hit before he dies, you can zap on the troops or building that strike your hog.

Counter combo

Elite barbarians and Spirits

In this deck, we can run expensive combo and cheap. Elite barbarians and spirits are one of the cheap combos to run. They make a mutual unification where the spirits can always execute skeletons army or any other number troops. Place the spirits behind elite barbs and the enemy will probably undo their intention to send the spawners. They know the spirits will instantly erase all the spawners if they place it to block the elite barbs.

Hog and Spirits

Same strategy with the spirits, you can put the spirits behind the hog rider.

Hog lightning

This is expensive guys, but if you think it’s right, then go ahead. The expensive cost worth the result thou, you will badly harm the enemy tower and troops as well. When the enemy leaves your hog doing free hit and they send a golem instead, you can deploy the lightning to reduce the golem’s HP as well as the tower. Or if they send a witch or wizards, you can put lightning on them and they will die instantly.

Elite barbarians and lightning

This combo is more expensive but you’ll get more tower damage since elite barbs have more damage point than the hog.

Ultimate Elite Barbarians and Hog

Nah, this is the ultimate guys. You can start this combo since you defend using elite barbs. When the elite barbarians go forward to the enemy’s tower, put the hog rider. It’s okay if the hog is behind or in front of the elite barbs. In 2x elixir, you can even send the lightning if you need extra strength. Of course, you should run the elite barbs since you defend so the elixir will recharge and enough to deploy the lightning.

Everything on the bridge and ready to destroy

Ultimate with lightning on the tower

And how about the defense?

Furthermore, you can play the goblins, dart goblin, spirits, spells, and elite barbs. Launch those cards flexibly and we can send the elite barbs and play defensively with it. Play defensively means you send the elite barbs to be a damage receiver and let the support hit the enemy. If your elite barbs are still healthy, they can continue attacking together with the hog rider.

General Gameplay

– You can deploy the elite barbs on the bridge

– Send at least one support card to help the elite barbs; check the counter combo.

– Prepare the spell to help the elite barbs

– Play patiently, now let’s defend

– Check the defense combo, you can use those cards for defense purposes.

– Go ahead with the ultimate combo; elite barbs and hog rider if you think you’ll get the tower.


In conclusion, the ultimate combo will be ultimate if you combine it with spells. The gameplay is pretty simple guys, just play it wisely. You have fast troops in the deck, so launch it right on the bridge and shock the enemy by the inevitable fast counter. My friends, you should try this combo and see how awesome the fast troops are. You know the detail, the gameplay, the deck and now you better play it and I should go now. Correct me if I’m wrong by leaving your better idea in the comment section below. Chao!