Good morning awesome people! Come back again with me JohnnyBoy with the new useful article. Oh, I had a really bad game result last night. It is because I only got 2 victories perhaps 3 out of 10 battles. Yes, that makes me think about what’s happening to me. Or perhaps that was just unlucky night for me. However, those lose battle don’t make me give up trying. Yet, I became so curious and try to change my deck completely. And you know what, it turns out that after I changed the deck matchups, I get what I deserve. Nah, this turning point deck is what I want to review to you today folks.

Alright, in today’s article we are gonna talk about the use of golem miner deck under the man of authorities; executioner. Our focus would be on those three cards and of course the number one primary card is golem. The executioner will cover up every countering troops from behind. He is the man of authorities and executing interrupters are his primary job. Besides, we will have miner as to support the golem and executioner on the enemy lane.

Well folks, before we discuss further let’s see what we have in the deck

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.1

Play This Deck

As you can tell, miner is also tanker but lighter than golem. So, why we need miner to be together with golem? Here I tell you, once the golem be tower’s or troops’ target, we will send the miner to strike those troops; especially single melee troops. That aims to free the golem out of troops’ hit and also to share the damage; another damage receiver. Miner has quite reliable HP and so that we can always send him whenever we go countering with golem and executioner.

Another splash dealer we have is wizard. Although we already have the executioner as a splash cover, we still need one more cover. It is because we want to make sure that we will have extra defense if the enemy runs massive counter. We can deploy wizard to replace executioner’s position; rearguard cover. So, whenever you have golem and executioner in countering then unexpectedly enemy can kill your executioner, don’t worry. Right after the executioner dies on the enemy’s lane, we should immediately deploy wizard on the bridge. Rearguard position is very important if we play heavy tankers such as golem, lava, PEKKA, giant. It is because those tankers are so vulnerable against swarmy. And with rearguard cover’s, we can make sure those swarmy won’t pile up and kill the tanker.

So far, we have some kind of pattern I would say. We have miner to substitute the golem and receive the damage in share. Wizard, which we can send to substitute the rearguard position of executioner.

Now, the next 4 cards are defensive cards. One of those is tesla. To be honest, I prefer tesla instead of inferno tower to be in this deck is because tesla has faster shoot per second. This building card can be a distraction building too. If you see the incoming troops, just deploy the tesla on the centre of your lane and those troops will come to the tesla first before our tower.

Next defensive card is skeleton army. We can utilize its number to handle troops like prince, PEKKA, three musketeers, and any other single troops especially melee. Giant, RG, GS are also weak against these skeletons fleet.

Whenever we play with the executioner, I think it would be better if we bring tornado too. Combination of tornado and executioner is one of perfect defense combo. Tornado will gather any incoming troops while the executioner will be easier in handling the mess.

Alright, now let’s talk about the strategies in depth.

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, we better play defensively. What would you do in early minute playing with this deck? Seriously, we better don’t send the golem at the first attempt. Deploy executioner is a smart move tho. Executioner has reliable HP and he will come to the enemy’s tower swinging his axe. Nah, sending the executioner like this will force the enemy to deploy their cards to stop the executioner. That’s how we bait the enemy to open attack first.

Now, it’s time to defend. Remember that we have tesla tower for distraction. No matter what, deploy the tesla tower first before any other troops. See what enemy’s send; if they counter with splash area dealer, deploy your wizard. And if single target troops or melee, deploy skeleton army. Combination of skeleton army and tesla will totally any single target troops.


Kite the GS first


After kiting the GS, EXONADO

After we defending, we can start our countering now. Deploy the golem behind the crown tower once you have full bar elixir. Deploying golem behind the crown tower will give us some times for elixir recharge. And if elixir reaches 5 bars, deploy executioner behind the golem. You should notice this, don’t deploy executioner too close with the golem. Executioner is a rearguard, we need him to executing from distance.

Once you have golem and executioner, prepare the wizard. If the enemy is smart, they will kill the executioner first before golem. Nah, if this happen, you send wizard after the enemy kills executioner and target the golem. This is the time when your wizard substitutes the rearguard position.


wizard kills the enemy’s troops and ready to replace the rearguard

After this counter, play the defense again.

What to do in late battle?

Nah, late game is the time when we will have double tanker and rearguards. To do this, you send the golem behind the crown tower. Wait till elixir reaches 5 bars then deploy the executioner. This is the time when we will send the miner.

Once you see any troops striking our golem but out of executioner’s target, send the miner to kill it. Here you’ll see the main job of miner. He will stop any troops that out of executioner target.

If you want stronger counter, which I’m sure you want, have 2 rearguards will strengthen everything. So, deploy wizard after the executioner to double up the area damage. Actually, we can use wizard to kill the troops which strike our executioner


double tankers and rearguards. Miner kills the enemy’s defense troops

So far, we have a strong countering line up full of substitution for each position. It seems like we will never stop to destroy the tower.


Alright folks, what do you think about this substitution strategy? Have you ever played with this kind of strategy? Or you may have stronger strategy? Please feel free to leave your comment and brilliant ideas in the comment section below. See you again soon in another useful strategy guide.

Have fun!