Morning to all of you champs! Refill your coffee cup because we got news for the next challenge you surely want to win.


Back with me the wasted uncle and me sitting here as always to present you the newest update in the Clash Royale world. And the very exciting news is up today because a challenge that will guarantee you so much fun will arrive.

The new challenge that will arrive is called the Double Elixir Draft Challenge! It is announced that the Double Elixir Draft Challenge will arrive on this May.

Here are the things you should know about the challenge:

The first entry you join the game will be all free. 
The battle will begin with you have to choose between 2 cards, one for you and one for your opponent.

As what it is like in the last minute of the usual game, the elixir will be reloaded 2 x faster than the normal time. In the end, get the one-time rewards while you are progressing…


The first one time rewards will be given if you manage to win 2 battles. Ups, and do not forget that there
 will be Friendly Battle to get you prepared on May 11 until 15 and the real challenge will start on May 12 until 15. 

Since this new challenge will be in Draft mode and also the Elixir will refill twice faster, it can be said that all of the battles inside will be so much fun yet unpredictable. 

Prepare your courage because it will involve so many nerves. Get ready! And the last one feel free to put your comments on the brand-new challenge down below in the comment section.

Your lovely uncle signing out for now, see you guys around, love you kid.