Happy New Year everybodee! 2016 was a great year, but the 2017 would be even greater. That’s my assumption just by looking the mountain picture of my new calendar just now.
(It’s a lovely mountain trust me)


To start the new mood, here we got some very exciting news to all of you young champs. YA! The Double Elixir Challenge is back!

Sure everybody would be very exciting about this since we all love to fight with quick pace in the battle.

So, the new Double Elixir Challenge has been announced by supercell and it begin per today!


Before you try your luck and courage in the challenge here are the terms you guys must know about first

As you knew that double elixir challenge is a challenge where your elixir will be recharge twice faster than the usual time, so here you are pushed to think faster than your enemy.

You will have to set your favorite decks to enter the battle since it will be a quick pace battle. So make sure you put your fav cards on!

In this new Double Elixir Challenge, you are not allowed to lose more than three times. If you lost more than three times, then yap you will be knocked out from the challenge.

By this time, you will not get a free entry like the previous one, you will have to spend 50 gems to enter the first battle, but it is all worthy for the prize

The top prize you will get are 10.000 gold and cards that contain at least 5 epic cards and 55 rare cards

You will be available to get these prizes as soon as you win 12 battles.


The rules itself are that the cards will be leveled down as following

King level: 9

Common level: 9

Rare level: 7

Epic level: 4

Legendary level: 1

And the overtime length is 3 minutes!

So yea be ready to enter the war! Begin your new year with new bloods and of course a new win.

Also we’d like to hear everything you want to say about this new challenge, make sure to put it on the comment section

Once again Happy New Year pals, don’t drink too much. Cheers!