The Defending Exonado!


Hello morning people! How are you today mate? Is everything good? I hope you are having a great time to begin your day and start playing the game with all the good mood.

Today we’re gonna talking about one of the most effective combination to defend your tower from all of the enemies. This combination even can help your tower to almost untouchable by the marching on enemy’s troops.

So, the combination is called the defending exonado! A bit familiar to you? I bet so.

This is a common combination which most of the players use to defend their base. The Executioner and Tornado combination. For you who may not know yet, you might want to read this article carefully. Alright, let’s discuss how they both can be an ultimate defence.

Executioner and Tornado combination is the unavoidable ultimate, and they can almost 100% protect your tower, no troops can even touch it.

executioner-defending exonado

The one who will “execute” the enemies

tornado-defending exonado

The one who will “absorb” the enemies

How it works is so simple:

The first thing you need to do is to use both cards when defending.

Keep them for defence. When you already have these cards, you must be in advance level. You are maybe no longer beginner. In the battle among advanced players, the troops level is high, so you cannot just defend by launching troops and then wait they fight one another.

It’s not enough. you should know about some tricks to prevent the strong enemy break our defence. We need to improve the defence using a combination of the Executioner and Tornado.

When you defend, and you have both cards available on the list, you launch your Executioner first. Launch it not too close to the enemy’s troops. We need some time to wait until our elixir ready for the Tornado launch.


Wait till your elixir ready to launch the Tornado 

When you have more than three elixirs, you launch the Tornado in the middle of the lane. Here, you should be careful and make sure that the enemy’s troops are in the Tornado’s range so that it can suck all the forces to the centre of the Tornado.

Here, the Executioner will play his role. He will swing his axe (or boomerang? I don’t know, you tell) to every single troop in the whirlwind. When this happens, the enemy’s troops’ HP will be reduced, so they won’t destroy our tower.


Absorb and Execute

You can play Exonado for attacking, too. But remember that both cards are not primary cards for attacking. 
You can play Exonado in attacking after your defence is safe already.

So, what do you guys think? If you find this simple tips is useful, then you can share it with your friends. If you think something to add more then again feel free to use the comment section down below to add them.

Okay, I’m out for now, cheers!