This is the hard deck which will give you extra safe defense when playing Clash Royale. Relying on Miner and Ice Wizard as primary attacker and defender of the deck. Let’s find out how to play this Miner Ice Wizard deck and find the reasons why this deck is so hard. 


Hello there, meet again with me JohnnyBoy. This morning I met with a unique player and he/she is kind of friendly player because that person always sends me a good luck and well played text whenever I deploy my cards. That’s a bit challenging for me, but I also wondered what would this guy do to beat me. It turns out that this guy was so well played. Having Ice Wizard and many tombstones on defending and that strategy totally shut my countering.

However, in countering this guy always sends miner poison combo and this harmed my tower so significantly. Alright, this guy really gets me interesting to review his deck. Alright, welcome to this guy “Miner Ice Wizard deck” let’s call it so.

Before we discuss the defense and countering strategy in depth, let’s see the deck matchups first.

Miner Ice Wizard deck


Average elixir cost : 2.8

Play This Deck

Miner Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdompoison-card-clash-royale-kingdom

It seems like this deck is so defensive deck because we will only have miner poison in countering. Defensive deck with miner and poison combo in countering is smart move I would say. We just need to send miner, then poison. We will always go countering and sure will reduce the tower HP whenever we have miner on the list.

ice wizard card-clash-royale-kingdomtombstone-clash-royale-kingdom

Meanwhile, in defending, we will play ice wizard and distracting skeletons from tombstone. Nah, this combo turns out to be a strong combo too. That is because we will fully utilize princess tower in shooting by slowing them down. Yes, ice wizard is the master of defender I would say. In his family, ice wizard is considered the most effective cards due to its reliable HP and freeze effect.

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdomTornado-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

We have the log and tornado too. So, if the incoming troops are getting nearer to our tower, we can push them out with the log. And if they are air units, we can send the tornado.


The log to keep up distance. No shoots from sparky

Moreover, we have the knight. Nah, by the presence of the knight, we will have stronger defense because we have one reliable damage receiver. We can combine the knight, ice wizard, and tombstone to shut the enemy. Knight will take the damage, ice wizard will keep slowing them, and tombstone can distract them. See, we have a very strong defense, this deck is so defensive. Now, let’s talk about the gameplay.

What to do in early game?

Here, we will play defensively since the battle begin. Better wait the enemy deploy their cards. Or if your enemy is annoying enough that he/she stays silent and wait too, send miner. Having miner to open attack might be a smart option. By doing this, we force the enemy to deploy their cards and so we can play defensive.

Playing defensively doesn’t mean that we will let the enemy to counter more and more without any revenge from us. No, we will punish the enemy so hard and there are harmful revenges.


Miner poison at open attack, force enemy deploys sparky LOL

So, to start defensive play, we can build the tombstone first right after the enemy deploy their cards. Those troops will come to the tombstone and once they target on it, send ice wizard.

Here, ice wizard will work fabulously with princess tower and tombstone. If we need stronger defense, we can send the knight to be damage receiver and kite the enemy. The key of your defending is to always have the ice wizard and tombstone.


Ice wizard after the tombstone built. Tombstone deployment position

Whenever you see the enemy’s troops are getting nearer, send the tornado to keep the distance. Thus, those incoming troops will back to target one by one skeleton and free the ice wizard from target. This too will let the tower to have more and more hits.


Tornado keeps the enemy distance, ice wizard slows them, tower hits more

What to do in late game?

In the middle of your defending, you’ll wait till miner shows up on the list. Once you have him on your list, send miner. Make sure the poison is ready too because we want to harm the tower, not wasting miner. Poison plays important roles here because it will keep miner out of swarmy attack. So, the troops like skeleton army, minion horde, goblin gang, bats, will burn to die.

Once you have miner on enemy’s tower, the enemy must have something to counter it, to stop it. Nah, here we will play defensive again towards the troops sent to counter our miner. This is probably the reason why miner is categorized as legendary. He will force the enemy to deploy countering card to stop it, while miner himself will keep calm and hit the tower.

There will be one moment when your ice wizard or knight survive and continue counter attack. No matter what, send the miner poison. With or without ice wizard or knight, miner poison is a must. But if there is ice wizard, that will strengthen you in countering.


Miner poison wins the battle, ice wiz knight tombstone keeps tower free hit


Well, if you have any suggestion or idea or you want me to review any deck matchups, please feel free to leave your comment below. See you again soon in another useful article.

Have fun!