The all best riders deck, prince, dark prince, and hog rider are taking the lead

What’s up clash royale enthusiasts! TGIF and hopefully this weekend will be a fun exciting weekend. Where’d you up to this weekend? Hanging around with beloved person, me time, of probably experimenting with new decks will be wonderful.

Alright folks, special for weekend, I’m gonna give you a unique article where we will talk about the deck full of riders.

In clash royale, we can see that there are hog rider, prince, and dark prince as strong cards who ride their horses and hog.

On today’s article, we will talk about the unique deck yet strong consisting of three riders mentioned above.

Our focus will be on the prince, dark prince, and hog rider.

Well, before we talk further, let’s take a look at the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups

average elixir ocst : 3.8

Play This Deck

From the troops above, our primary cards are the prince and dark prince.

We will use hog rider to be played solo or covered by the witch.

Speaking of the prince, we will have specific strategy to play this card.

The perfect timing to deploy prince card is after the hog and the witch.

So, the prince will be solo attacking.

Our primary support is the witch which will cover all those riders by its skeleton spawn and splash area damage.

You’ll always need one splash cover whenever you go attacking with the riders because we can’t let the swarmy interrupting the riders.

Although we have zap and arrows, it isn’t enough.

Better we bring the witch, so, whenever the prince fails to connect and hit the tower we still have witch behind.

How about the dark prince?

Dark prince is one of the powerful card because it has a shield that can multiply its HP.

Therefore, this card will be perfect card to defend against troops such as P.E.K.K.A, mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, knight, or the dragons.

Utilising princess tower, the dark prince should sacrifice himself for the crown tower.

If the dark prince can survive from the enemy’s counter, he will continue attacking joining the other troops.

Alright, let’s talk the detail of countering.

How to counter?

You’ll have two major strategy for best countering.

The first is to go with the hog and goblin gang.

This strategy is so simple, deploy goblin gang beside the princess tower.

Immediately deploy the hog on the bridge.

Try to put the hog in the middle of the gang, so the stabs goblins will be the damage receiver.

Meanwhile, the spear goblin will cover the hog from behind.

Playing with this strategy means that we deliver the goblin gang to make some hits to the tower.

And, of course let the hog rider does his job.

goblin gang deployment place then hog on bridge

Hog rider is one of the best building targeting and probably your favourite card too.

We can actually send the witch to cover the hog because we all know that witch hog rider is one of excellent combo on the game.

You can cover the hog with the witch but better keep it for prince.

We still have two riders remain.

Deploy the witch specially to cover the prince and dark prince.

Or if you don’t have the witch on the list, you can cover the prince with goblin gang.

prince with the gang

If you go with the witch, send the witch first from behind crown tower.

Let her spawn some skeletons first.

Once the witch is about to enter the bridge, deploy prince on the bridge.

In this state, you’ll have some skeletons to be the tower target and free the prince.

The enemy will think twice to deploy their swarmy because the witch will diminish all them quickly.

Here, you should prepare your spell.

This is the first attempt.

after defending with witch, enclose the prince

Next, we can run another combo without prince.

You can go counter with the hog rider goblin gang and I already mentioned the strategy above.

So far, we don’t have sent the three riders because we wait till 2x elixir.

How to defend?

In defending, we have baby dragon, dark prince, and goblin gang as primary defense cards.

Whatever comes, send the witch first from behind the crown tower.

Next, you can send the goblin gang if the enemy attack with non-splash area damage dealer.

If they send the area dealers, the baby dragon is a wise decision.

The baby will be the damage receiver while witch keep shooting on the incoming troops.

Don’t deploy the baby dragon in front of your princess tower.

Best place for dragon deployment is on the side and two tiles in front of the princess tower.

The baby flying on the side of your tower will prevent the area damage.

That’s the way to counter splash area dealer.

defense deployment of baby dragon and prince or witch

Goblin gang and witch is a perfect match to counter the non-area dealer such as PEKKA, prince, mini PEKKA, inferno dragon.

Its number troops will put those troops unease and our princess tower along with the dark prince will deal high damage on them.

To counter troops like wizards, we can go with prince on beside the princess tower.

We can go with the arrows or zap to counter minion horde or skeleton army goblin gang.

excellent defense with dark prince and baby dragon

On the middle space area

As I said earlier that there will be on moment we can run the riders at once.

That’s when we get one tower already.

After we get one tower, we will have empty space area on the centre of enemy’s lane.

To run this strategy, go defensive with the witch first.

Try to succeed the witch in defending by sending the goblin gang or baby dragon or spells.

If she survives, deploy the dark prince in front of witch before she enters the bridge.

When they both are running to the enemy tower, deploy the prince on the middle space area.

Countering from both sides like this will enable us to have at least one of them connect to the tower.

There is another riders combo we can run.

Hog dark prince will be a good option too.

Just like before, play defensively with the witch first.

Deploy the dark prince in front of her.

Next, deploy the hog rider on the bridge.

This combo is stronger than before because we have a building targeting card which ignores the troops.

Once the dark prince and witch enter the tower, the enemy will send their counter card that aims to the witch and dark prince.

Dark prince in front will be a shield for the witch.

Nah, in this moment, send the hog rider.

Don’t wait too long before your dark prince and witch lose their HP.

Prince from middle space

Middle of splash dealer

Use this strategy if your enemy has a lot of swarmy troops.

The strategy is pretty similar like previous strategies, but here we replace the hog rider with baby dragon.

Baby dragon will kill the swarmy with the witch support.

Moreover, the baby dragon will be the tower and troops target before the dark prince or prince.

This is the different.

We set the troops on the middle to be the damage receiver, not dealer.

be the tank and splash cover


Alright folks, there you have it.

See, there are some secret strategies we can use to run the riders attack.

They are fast, the beasts from the bridge, and prince cards have charge damage which will double up the damage.

For you who are prince or hog players, let me know what do you think about this strategy.

Correct me if I’m wrong and please feel free to leave your brilliant ideas in the comment section below.

Have a beautiful weekend and see you on the battlefield!