Blow the Needles! Wait what? Yep blow all the needles using Dart Goblin.


Heyyy, how you doing? I hope you are healthy and on your way to be wealthy. Don’t think too much about money tho, that’s a wise advice from me.

Wise enough for a Tuesday morning, right? Okay, you are with me again here and it’s time for the Kingdom’s file to continue.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

For this Tuesday morning, the card that we will talk about is one of the high-level cards in Clash Royale. Can you guess what the card is? It is called the Dart Goblin


Basically, he is a family of Goblins (well sure he is!) haha sorry. but the difference is he has this kind of pipe in his hand as his weapon.


dart goblin-intro

But there in the pipe, there are arrows (I would say a needle) that ready to be launched by him by blowing it right to the enemies in front of him.

The Dart Goblin itself can be found and unlocked in the Arena 9 (Jungle Arena). I think it is his home anyway. He is categorized as a rare troop where you will need 3 elixir to see his appearance on the battlefield.

Blow the Needle

The thing that you must know is, this new card is super fast. Not exaggerating it but he is a super fast card. He can move fast with his pace closer to blow the arrow to the enemy’s face.

He is best to use as a part of creating a pushing. To partner him behind a tank would be great as the tank, as usual, will tank him up front while the Dart Goblin can create great damage by his fast needle blowing.

The Dart Goblin will be very useful to prevent a Balloon reaching your tower as the fast blowing would tear the Balloon apart. But the death bomb would likely kill him after that.


dart goblin-balloon

Blow the Balloon away

With assistance from your tower, the Dart Goblin could counter the Lava Hound and its lava pups as again the fast blowing will be very useful.


dart goblin-lava hound

Fastly pierce the Lava Hound

But the main problem is, just like the other Goblins he is pretty easy to dismiss as he doesn’t have a good hitpoint. A single arrow or a roll from the Log would dismiss him right away.

The Dart Goblin can be pretty good to use as a distraction on the battlefield as he can make for example the air troops busy when you deploy him.

Not just as a distraction, his main power makes him a very effective card to face the buildings. Just for your information, he can destroy buildings like Furnace or even an Inferno Tower as long as he can attack it from the range that can’t be reached by the Tower itself.

He is a perfect counter card to every building that sits and stays in its place as he can blow his needle from range. Well except for buildings like Tesla, of course, since the Tesla could hide away beneath the ground.

To counter the Minions, Dart Goblin will be great as his needle also would blow the Minion down.


dart goblin-minions

Dismissing the hordes


The Dart Goblin itself cost 3 of your elixirs. Considering his ability that he can offer, we think it is a suitable all-round card for your decks!

You are in the Kingdom’s file here and it is a discussion panel, so you could express whatever you think about the card and express all of your opinions whether you like or hate the card.

If you guys also have more interesting tips, then feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all. Aloha cheers!

Time for me to.. yea I don’t know. God bless you all.