Have you ever used the Dark Prince Guards deck? Well, we got the deck suggestion over here.


So, play your favourite records now because this is gonna be heavy.

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Without wasting no more time, let’s check out our heavy deck over here

Dark Prince Guards Deck



Average Elixir Cost: 4.4

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As what you see above, the deck is consisted of heavy cards and most of them are epic cards. But we are not really worrying about the elixir cost as we aim to enter the war with a bang.

dark_prince-card-clash-royale-kingdomguards card-clash-royale-kingdom

The Dark Prince and the Guards will be the main two cards to deploy to create the first pushing.

The ability of the Dark Prince who will not be overwhelmed by swarm army will be great.

On the other hand, Guards with their shield are just a great card for pushing, especially after the last update that makes them become one of players favs right now.

clone card

Clone would be an important card over here. The card later will be the one to create all the pushing cards shadow that would create the double damage to the enemy.


Aside from our first pushing cards, this is the alternative pushing to use. Executioner also will have a role as a tank card. His ability to use his axe is just effective to clear the cheap cards while could also cover the air and ground from range.

Hunter is one of the newest cards in Clash Royale, but he offers much in the arena.

Hunter also can deal the air and the ground. His ability to create area damage also would help much to create pushing behind a tank.

The same as the other two, Dart Goblin would also help the pushing. Of course, his ability to blow the arrow would be useful.

Not mentioning that he is one of the cheapest cards here, so he can be used to cycle the deck.


The Inferno Dragon and Three Musketeers are the cards we will use to support the last attack. Their great damage attack is the one that we would use to try finishing the tower at the last minute.

What to do in early battle?

The first pushing that we would do is to deploy the Dark Prince and Guards. First of all, wait till the elixir is full since the combo will be quite costly.

Once the elixir is full, then create the surprise attack by deploying the two cards just one after another. Dark Prince would be the first and Guards will follow up.

Deploy them just right on the bridge. This would maximize the charge ability of the Dark Prince. These two cards are a quick combo for pushing. So, we’ll maximize on that.

The moment Dark Prince is just one or two steps away from the tower then it is the Clone time! Clone those two cards to create the devastating double damage attack.

This surprise cloning would overwhelm your enemy to do the counter. Even though they are releasing the swarm army like Skeleton Army, it would not be so effective as our heavy attack can crush a tower down.

The one that can counter this deck would be the Minion Horde, but it will not clear them right away as our combo would still create a great damage to the tower. Well, if your enemy can’t counter them right, then a tower down of course.


The heavy combo and tower down 

What to do in the late game?

We would aim for finishing at least a tower down in the early game, but if the first combo can’t do that then we would try to finish it in the late game.

Once the double elixir time starts, then this is the time for the true heavy time. We would use all of our heavy cards here.

First, deploy the Executioner first to be or the main tank. Deploy him just next to your queen tower. Once the elixir recharge, you could deploy the Hunter after it to create the first pushing. Their ability to cover the air and ground would do you good.

The moment they reach the bridge, then unleash the Dark Prince next to make him the damage dealer behind them. These three cards would at least create great pushing to the enemy’s territory.

Of course, they would be countered, but the pushing would do great to the punishing two cards that we would deploy later.

Directly after the elixir is recharge again, then it’s time for the Three Musketeers to do their role. The girls will be the main punisher just right behind the pushing of the three cards before.

We don’t stop at that, we got the Inferno Dragon here. Once the girls create the push and the elixir is back, then deploy the dragon just behind them.

The moment they all reach the enemy’s territory then it is the cloning time again! Clone all of them! What happens next? Yea you guess. A tower down? I bet it is, mate.


The heavy combo at the last minute and a tower down


So, that’s our Dark Prince Guards deck. As what you, the deck is quite heavy. But the ability of the cards involved will be one of the most devastating effects you would see for a while.

What do guys think? If you have something in your mind and want to add it here then feel free to use the comment section down below to express it all mate.

And also, if you guys this deck is interesting then you can share it all with your friends or to your clanmate.

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