This is the new Clash Royale Dark Prince deck. If you really wanna know how to succeed Dark Prince in countering, here we share the guides of how to succeed all countering and defending. Let’s see his best performance with most suitable Dark Prince deck matchups with easy gameplay! 


Hello Clashers! JohnnyBoy is back here again with another new powerful deck and strategy. This is good news for you who look for dark prince deck, the powerful one, combined with 3 important legendary cards. The legendary cards we are gonna use are Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Princess.  

So, we will set Dark Prince as no.1 primary card and Bandit is the second winning condition in this deck. It is obvious that these 2 cards have a thing in common; dash damage ability. Nah, we will utilize their dash ability to quickly connect to the tower and deliver the damage from the dash.

There are still certain cards that I think you can’t replace to succeed this deck, Skeleton Barrel and Furnace. I will tell you later why you should better have these 2 in supporting our winning condition. 

Before we discuss the strategy in depth, shall we take a look first at the deck matchups

Dark Prince Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.9

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As you can tell, this deck is very unique and you probably never seen this before. In most battle, if there is Dark Prince in the deck, that player will be most likely bring fire spirit as to cover the rider from air swarmy ambush. We will apply that in here; Furnace to support the Dark Prince in countering. So, you want to build the Furnace first before you deploy dark prince.

Next thing we will talk about is bandit’s presence. As I told you earlier that we will utilize both card dash ability. So, in countering, we will send both of them in front of some Fire Spirits. Bandit can be a helper here and I think this is one of best strategy to support Dark Prince. Lucky if you already unlocked Bandit, because you can harm the enemy tower so easily. You can just send bandit on the bridge as bridge spam troop and aftershock counter. 

What is aftershock counter?

Aftershock counter means that we send one troops from the bridge right after we had a primary counter. Not only that, we send that troop right after the enemy deploys the card. Bandit is one of decent card to do such job. Utilizing its dash damage, bandit doesn’t long time to come forward to the tower and hit. Instead, she jumps and dashes with great damage on any card in front of her.

This is Bandit on bridge spam and aftershock counter, awesome

Beside Bandit, we can also send Dark Prince as an aftershock counter card. By sending him on the bridge after enemy deploys card, he will most likely to deliver the dash damage on the tower.

What to do in early game?

This is the part when we will utilize Skeleton Barrel and Princess. So, after you build the Furnace, you do this open attack counter first before you deploy Dark Prince and Bandit.

After furnace, send the Princess first behind your crown tower. When she is about to get closer to the river, deploy skeleton barrel. So, there are Skeleton Barrel, some fire spirits, and princess in countering line.

Or to make it simpler, think about 2 key cards; Furnace and Skeleton Barrel. Don’t have to always send Princess along with these 2 key cards. Princess’s presence will just increase the chance to harm the tower.

Even in this open attack, you can enclose one of primary cards replacing Princess. For example, after you have Furnace on and Skeleton Barrel and Dark Prince on the list, deploy Skeleton Barrel on the bridge. Then, deploy Dark Prince.

Start with defensive Dark Prince is excellent too

This is flexible, you just have to mind the elixir spending and don’t be too greedy. If you just have Skeleton Barrel and none of Princess, Dark Prince, Bandit appear on the list, then go on with single skeleton barrel.

We aim to force the enemy deploying their cards, not to destroy the tower with just one open attack.

Countering with Dark Prince and Bandit

The enemy must send some card to defend this counter. Nah, we defend with Dark Prince. Here, we utilize its shield to defend first. Then, without waiting too long, send Bandit to dash on that specific troop helping Dark Prince.

This is how we build countering, start from defense

One thing you should understand here is that we don’t have to send both Dark Prince and Bandit in countering. If we don’t have both of them for defense, we can send the Electro Wizard or maybe just Bandit as bridge spam will be okay.

Send Electro Wizard to handle air strike, and Bandit for non-swarmy troop. So, after the enemy kills your Princess, which is the last farthest card to be killed, we deploy either Electro Wizard, Bandit or Dark Prince. If you send bandit to defend and she is able to continue counter, let her do it alone, don’t send anymore support.

Furnace Forever on Dark Prince Deck


Furnace is important, this is supportive fire machine

Here is another key to support the Dark Prince deck; always have furnace ready on the field. So, whenever you go on defense or countering, always build the Furnace first. Even if you need to rotate the card, rotate it in order to get Furnace. We play with considerably cheap cards, so there is nothing to lose. If you want to have a great defense line up, you must be willing to do it.

One card that I personally use to rotate the card when Furnace lifespan has over is Bandit. Why I throw out Bandit? Well, I do that because Bandit can dash quickly on everything; troops, building cards, towers. By having Bandit, we really have nothing to lose, she will harm the troop anyway.

Rocket on Dark Prince Deck

Don’t forget that you have Rocket included here. Deploy Rocket on defending against massive counter especially Three Musketeers. Besides for defense, we can utilize rocket to finish off the tower which remains bellow half HP. It depends on your rocket’s level. Other than that, there are no specific strategies that require you to play rocket. Play it flexibly.

Princess on Dark Prince Deck

Nah, as I told you in another article that Princess and Prince card is an excellent matchups counter. So, we can do this by sending Princess first form behind the tower, then continue with Dark Prince on the bridge. Princess will cover up the warrior from any swarmy. Of course, when you do this, you shall have at least one furnace ready on the field.


Princess is another excellent cover for Prince cards

Card replacement


Substitute Rocket with Fireball


Well, in this current meta, this is by far the best Dark Prince deck. This is highly recommended for those who looks for a strong and solid Dark Prince deck. What do you think about this article? We hope you love it and find it useful. Oh, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to leave your ideas on the discussion section below.

Good luck, See you on battlefield!