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Ops, sorry forget to say hi first. Hello, my favourite people all over the world. You are with the uncle here and yap we are here for the Kingdom’s file here.

For you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for today, the card that we’ll talk about is one of the epic cards in the game. I think he is quite popular anyway. So, the card that we’ll discuss right now is called the Dark Prince!


What should we know about the Dark Prince? Yep, I don’t think he is really a brother of the prince. I think because he has this black armour on his whole body so we can’t really see his face inside it.


dark prince-intro

The same as the prince, he also rides a horse but the difference is he has this spiky big black hammer thing that he’ll use to smash the enemy upfront.

The epic Dark Prince is a card that you can find and unlock as soon as you reach the arena 7 (Royal Arena). The card itself will need 4 of your elixirs to be deployed in a battle.

The Black Hammer

Same as the prince, Dark Prince also can do the charge, make him can fasten his speed in reaching a target. This is with the requirement of he has to continue run 2 seconds first.

Not only that, once Dark Prince hits a target then he will make two times more damage while losing his speed. Once he starts moving again, then he will regain his speed for another 2 seconds as long as there is no other troop that interrupt him.


Begin the charge

Similar to Valkyrie, one of the unique about Dark Prince is he has this splash damage charge attack that makes him able to face the troops that surround him at a moment.

This ability of charging makes Dark Prince would be a great troop to create the pushing for your enemy’s territory.

To pair him with his unlikely brother Prince, it will be effective, as the Prince combo could create a great pushing as both of them have the charge ability. In this combo, Dark Prince will use his splash damage charge to clean all the swarm army while also clear Prince way right into the tower.

You are right, the splash damage charge of Dark Prince can smash the swarm army like the Skeleton Army or Goblins. Different from Prince who will always lose his life to them.


The skeletons are not a problem 

Pair him with Battle Ram or Hog Rider also would be effective as the charge of Battle Ram and Hog Rider who is fast, can make the combo great to attack the tower. Again Dark Prince will help to protect them from swarm army.

To counter Dark Prince, it is best to stop his charge. The electrifying card would be great as the electricity could stop Dark Prince to start charging. This applies to Electro Wizard, Zap or Lightning.

To use Ice Wizard also can be effective as he will stop his charge while letting other troops to surround Dark Prince and kill him.


Freeze him to stop the charge

As Dark Prince can do nothing against the air then all of the air troops will put him in an uneasy situation. The most effective way is to use Minion Horde as the horde will tear him apart. Baby Dragon or Inferno Dragon also would be great to counter the Dark Prince.


As an epic card that only price you 4 elixir, and by looking at all his capability on a battlefield, I think this card has a very big chance to have a slot in your decks. I am a fan of the card and his blue eyes anyway.

But it is all my opinion. Since the Kingdom’s file is a discussion panel then you can express whatever is on your mind here.

If you disagree with all what we say then feel free to add your opinion by using the comment section down below. It will be all nice to hear them, my friend.

For your information, the Kingdom’s crews have reviewed the card before and have created the best deck in using the card where you can read it all here.

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