Good Morning to all of you champs all over the world! Don’t forget a cup of tea to start your day. 
We got a fresh news today, and it is about the current ongoing Crown Championship Challenge.


Just what we have seen on our gadget screen, the current result of the Crown Championship has been revealed on the screen. Here are the details we’ve known so far about the results.

There are 9989 players that have been qualified. Well, I hope you are one of them.

There are around 27. 4 million unique participants.

We know so far that there are participants come from 187 different countries!

Man dunno will be that massive.

There are also top 5 countries that have qualified their player most.

There are China that qualifies 1140 players

USA that qualifies 1028 players

Japan that qualifies 821 players

Mexico qualifies 623 players

And Spain that qualifies 594 players

We again hope you are one of them haha…

Oh yeah, also it is figured out that the most used card in the challenge is ZAP!

Weird? Well let us know in the comment section. The competition will still be running until the grand finals in November. So stay in touch with us for the upcoming news about the challenge.