Heyy everybody! Are you still up this morning? Yea, drink that milk, brush your teeth and get your mood lighten up. Make sure to put that smile on your face.


Today is a good day because we have an important announcement for you!

Since we all know that the Crown Championship is coming to the last stage, yap, mate the World Finals will be started soon, the game has released some exciting things for the event. 

To tease us with the exciting event soon, the game has released the official merchandise of the World Finals!

There are beautiful merchandizes that you can get, they are:  

LIMITED EDITION Golden Barbarian Figure

Messenger Bag

Reversible Beanie

The merch itself will be valued at $65 USD.

Get yourself quick to grab the merch as soon as possible!

The Crown Championship World Finals itself will be held on December 3rd, at the Copper Box Arena.

It is not far away from now. It is only 20 days more to wait!

The tickets of the World Finals also have been available and you can get yours and purchase it on


Get yours as soon as possible!