Hey! How are you beautiful people? It’s Monday over here and I hope you are in a good positive mood to start the week mate.


As the vibe is still there, special for today we will give you a full recap of a tournament that I guess you have known much about before. Yap, the Crown Championship World Finals!

Dubbed as the biggest tournament in Clash Royale history, the Crown Championship has finally reached its finals last night and it was just finished about 14 hours ago!

After a long journey with million players that have participated from all over the world, the finals have finally found its 16 best players that ready to be crowned as the best Clash Royale player in the world.

The finals that took place at The Copper Box Arena in London finally is the place where these best 16 players from all over the world would meet.

And here are the 16 players that secured their place in the finals:

crown championship-1
crown championship-2
crown championship-3
crown championship-4
crown championship-5
crown championship-6
crown championship-7
crown championship-8

the 16 players itself also have been drawn into the format of where each of them would fight each other in a knockout mode to secure a place in the quarter-finals of 8 players that would continue to the big 4 of semi-finals up into the final to fight to be the best of the world.

And here is the drawing of the big 16

crown championship-big 16-draw

The first and second round of the finals run fierce as the players were pushing themselves to get the place in the next round. Fair enough I guess since it is in a knockout mode where once a player lost then he will be out of the finals.

One of the unique thing in the matches itself is in a match the two contenders have a right to make his opponent to not include a certain card, the same goes to his opponent makes there are 2 cards that will be banned to use in a match.

Up until the middle of the finals, we finally found the semi-finalists that have secured the 4 places to fight for the last round to become the finalist.

Here is the final result of the matches up to the semi-final


crown championship-semifinal-draw

In the semi-final we got the 4 best players, they are the Music Master from USA, Winds from China, Sergio Ramos from Mexico and Tali who come far away from Vietnam.

The semi-final again run very wild as the first match between Music Master vs Winds run tight up into the final third match. But, in the last minute, the run of Music Master’s Hog Rider finally punches Winds’ tower and crush it down make Music Master secure his place in the final.

crown championship-hog rider-music master

Music Master’s Hog Rider win him a place in the final

The same as the first semi-final, the second semi-final between Sergio Ramos vs Tali also run very tight until the third match. But the capability of Sergio Ramos’ combo of Mega Knight, Inferno Dragon and the Minions finally finished off Tali’s run makes the Mexican secured his place also in the final.


crown championship-combo-sergio ramos

The Mega Knight and an Inferno Dragon of Sergio book him a place in the final

From the result above, finally, the Crown Championship reached its final stage where people would find out who is the best Clash Royale player in the world.

The Grand Final of Music Master vs Sergio Ramos was different from the previous round as the grand final was formatted in 5 matches.

As it was predicted the grand final run very tight. The first match of five won by Music Master made the American in an upper position.

But the rest of the grand final came in a different way unfortunately for Music Master. Sergio Ramos was able to turn the table upside down as his Bandit’s final punch was able to crush Music Master’s tower in the Fourth game makes the score is 1 – 3, and as you know we finally know who is the best Clash Royale player in the world


crown championship-final punch-grand final

The final seconds Sergio being the greatest

crown championship-sergio ramos-winner

The Crown Championship World Finals finally got its champion and it went to Mexico! Sergio Ramos certainly has made his country proud. Not mentioning that he also got $ 150.000 right into his pocket. Congratulations!

Credit also to the other 15 final participants that have done their best achieving the final. And of course, all of you that have participated in the event since the beginning.

It was a long great journey, but you all guys definitely have felt the great vibes. Really hope that there will be a next Crown Championship World series so maybe we can join it next time.

We also want to make my country proud, mate. Okay, have a good day, cheers!