Hello guys! The Clash Royale Kingdom crew are back again here and there is something exciting happening.


What is that? Look at your screen right now because a special challenge will happen. The challenge itself is called the Crown Championship Finals Challenge.

This special challenge itself is to celebrate the Crown Championship Finals that also will be held soon.

By looking at our screen right now the challenge will be started in just 3 hours time.


The price of the challenge is full of epic things where you can get up into 250000 golds, cards and chests (including legendary chest!) if you are able to win 20 matches.

To join the tournament, you can create your best deck with the tournament rules.

The same as the other tournament 3 losses will get you out of the challenge. But don’t worry as soon as you win the first 2 matches you will get the prizes more and more up to the 20 wins

Since the challenge will be full of epic prizes, I think it is a must for you to try your ability in the challenge.

The Crown Championship Finals itself will be held on 3 December at 10 am GMT. You all can get the tickets here

Prepare yourself, cheers!