Hi, champs. we’re back here. it is an exciting news for all of us
(you all of course) that the Crown Championship Challenge has arrived for this Fall 2017 season. 


Thru the spring season, all of the players have submitted a 1 MILLION submission (that’s massive, mate) to fight for the throne as the best Clash Royale player in their region (everybody would bend the knee, I think Jon Snow will too). 

For this Fall 2017 season, it’s a level up starting with Crown Championship Challenge as the first stage of the season. 

For you the young champs who are new to the competition, Crown Championship Challenge is Grand Challenge to win 20 matches without losing 3 times. It’s not an easy task, but hang on for a second. IT’S $1,000,000 USD THAT YOU’LL HAVE IN YOUR POCKET!!

It’s started on Wednesday, August 16th (7 am UTC) and will be ended on August 21st (7 am UTC) so watch your self! Here is a brief journey of the prize

2 wins will get you 2.500 gold

5 wins will get you giant chest

9 wins for the magical chest

14 wins for the legendary chest

and 20 wins for + 250.000 Gold. Enough said.

How could a true champ like me to participate?

– Again, August 16th and ends on August 21st!
– Your Clash Royale account needs to be level 8 or higher
– Get 20 wins and you’ll receive an inbox message explaining the next steps (once the challenge ends)
– Players that reach 20 wins must be 16 years or older to advance in the Crown Championship     Tournament (but anyone can win the in-game rewards)!

For more details, you can check the details on the official Crown Championship website.

At last, pray to God and prepare your decks! 

ah and the last one, you can put everything on your mind about the challenge in the comment section below

Have a blessed day, cheers!